As long as Patrick could remember he had the power, well at least as far back as eight years old anyway. For about eighteen years now, with no real rhyme or reason, Patrick has somehow acquired the power to put people into deep hypnotic trances, and even more extraordinary, he could have them do his bidding, and wake up totally unaware of any of the activities they may have taken part in! Even at a very young age, he instinctively knew not to let on the secret of his new found powers, it was almost as if he thought that maybe his teachers or parents would take it away from him, and this he could not abide, as he was not one of the popular "in crowd", but a veritable loner who spent most of his time playing by himself. If he was blessed with something no other child had, well then, that was fine with him!

The first time was with his own mother of all people! She was reading him a story when their eyes met, and right away, even at that young age, he could see that she instantly went into a trance like state that didn't go away until he allowed it to. He quickly began experimenting with his friends, with the same result, that a blank far away look. He also discovered that no one had any recollection of having been under his spell, so when Patrick was alone with someone, it wasn't at all unusual for him to order his subject to do small insignificant tasks just to watch them do it. When he reached his teens, he routinely watched his female friends going to the bathroom, or changing their clothing with no hint that he was even in the room! This went on for several more years, until he reached his eighteenth birthday, a milestone so to speak, in his quest for more erotic adventures! He decided that he would try his power on a total stranger, someone who would not know him in case anything went wrong! His subject turned out being a thirty five year old house wife who was struggling to carry several bags of heavy groceries into her house. Patrick just happened to be walking by and offered to carry them inside for her. After giving him a fast once over, she thanked him and told him to put them on the kitchen counter. Once inside, she offered him a cold glass of lemonade, which he eagerly accepted. It was now or never, so when she turned back from the fridge with their drinks, he locked his eyes on hers, and immediately the blank no seeing stare covered her face!!! After nervously looking around, Patrick looked at her and ordered, "Put down the glasses, come over to me, unzip my pants, and suck my penis to completion!" To his utter amazement, this total stranger, almost twenty years his senior, walked over, dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and took it into her mouth and sucked him off!!! After blowing his load down her throat, Patrick ordered her so stand up and serve the lemonade. After both of them had drunk about half a glass, Patrick had her wake up. This was the real moment of truth, because if she remembered, he would have to take off like a scared rabbit, but if she was a blank, he was in like flint!!! He waited anxiously, looking for any tell tale reaction that might give him a hint that she was trying to figure what had just transpired. Instead, she just smiled, thanked him for helping her with the groceries, and asked him if he wanted anymore lemonade? "Uh, no thanks," he replied, "I have to be going, I've got homework to do!" Homework indeed!!! Patrick fairly sailed home he was so ecstatic with his little experiment! He made plans to try it again tomorrow, because like any good scientist, you had to check and double check your data!!!

Now twenty six years old, Patrick was somewhat of an expert on having women do his bidding sexually! He brazenly took all sorts of chances, as much for the adventure of it all, as well as the sexual satisfaction. What really turned him on wasn't necessarily the most beautiful women either, because they were just as available to him as "plain janes". What stirred his drink was having women who were, shall we say, unreachable!!! Like last week for instance, at the mall, Patrick saw a young woman with three mall children and her husband. They were shopping together, having a good time, occasionally giving each other a hug or kiss, obviously they were very much in love, and totally devoted to each other. Patrick decided he wanted her, but would have to wait until they were separated. Finally the husband went into a toy store with the kids, and mom went off to do a little personal shopping, where Patrick followed at a safe distance, and tailed her into a clothing store. In the rear of the store they were both isolated from the rest of the customers and sales help while Patrick acted as if he was looking at a pair of shorts, until his eyes made contact with the young wife. As soon as he was sure that she was "under", he pulled out his cock and told her to jack it off for him. She nodded dumbly, and then proceeded to give him a nice hand job back amongst the dresses. He gave her a thirty second wake up call, giving him ample time to get out of the store, while leaving her there to wake up with a fist full of cum!!!