Gwen anxiously climbed the stairs to the apartment she shared with her room mate, Anna, who had promised her a big surprise when she got home from work. All day she had been wondering what it would be, and it had been driving her crazy!!! Fumbling with her key, she heard Anna yell from inside the apartment, "It's open!" Gwen hurried inside, eager to find what Anna had in store for her. Her elation suddenly turned to jealousy when she saw the "surprise" Anna had waiting for her! Sitting on the couch next Anna was a beautiful slim young blonde who looked like she stepped right off the cover of Vogue. "What's going on here," asked Gwen nervously?!? "This is Krista," answered Anna, "she's going to be staying with us for awhile!" "No," shouted Gwen, "I won't have her in our house!" Anna quickly stood up and gave Gwen a back handed slap across the face and spat, "You listen to me you little cunt, if I want to bring in some fresh meat I'll do it, and if I tell you to eat it, by god you will or your cute little ass will be one dark shade of red," then after giving her another shot to the face just for good measure, she snarled, "Am I making myself clear?!?" "Y-y-yes, Anna," a now very contrite Gwen answered, "I'm sorry!" "Good," said Anna, "now fix us all a drink!!!" Without saying a word Gwen went to the bar and mixed highballs for all three of them.

After sipping of their drinks for a few minutes, Anna said, "Gwen, Krista loves to suck pussy, don't you Kirsta?" Looking at Gwen, Krista answered, "Especially hairy ones!" Gwen turned red because it was obvious that Anna had told Krista about Gwen's over abundance of pubic hair! "Stand up, Gwen," ordered Anna, "and lift up your dress for momma!" Dying of shame, Gwen was standing in front of her dyke room mate and this stranger with her dress hiked up so that her and stockings and panties were open to view! Anna reached out and rubbed up and down her legs along with the front of her panties, taking extra time to tug on the little tufts of dark brown hair peeked out from the leg openings! Anna nnever allowed Gwen trim her hairy bush because it turned her on to see all that fur between her legs, and now, mad as a wet hornet at her dyke roomie, she knew that she would never leave her because Anna made her cum like no other woman she had ever met! Not only could she suck pussy, but she always wore a strap on dildo that drove Gwen crazy with lust, and while this wasn't the first time that Anna had brought home a friend, the last one, however, was a butch like Anna, while this one was a fem just like herself, and that meant competition!

Now slipping down Gwen's panties, Anna exposed her hairy vagina, and taking a finger she ran it along the length of Gwen's slit she commented, "The little bitch is already wet," here Kris, you feel!" Krista rubbed Gwen's slit, but with more precision as she found her now hard clit and worked it between her thumb and finger, making her legs shake as the constant manipulation of her clit brought her close to orgasm. "Lay her down and suck her," orderd Anna, so with here dress still on, Gwen lay down on the couch with her legs wide open. "God I love a hairy box," enthused Krista, and the next thing Gwen felt was a warm tongue slithering into her molten pussy. Pushing her hips upward trying to make Krista eat her harder, Anna laughed and said, "The horny little bitch never could get enough!" Anna's own hands weren't idle either as she was feeling up Krista's ass through her skirt, occasionally slipping her hand underneath to play with her cunt. Krista continued to lick Gwen's pussy while Anna took off her skirt, and from what a very dazed Gwen could see, Krista had a perfect ass. Anna grabbed the panties by the crotch and gave a hard pull, as the sound of tearing fabric filled the room when Krista's panties were torn from her drooling cunt!