Ryan pushed the heavy cart containing at least on hundred books down the narrow library aisles, stopping occasionally to return the volumes to their proper place. To most people rummaging around a bunch of dusty books and periodicals would be a chore to be avoided at all costs, but Ryan was different, he loved feel of the books in his hands and the aroma of old manuscripts filling his nose, but especially the wealth of information found like buried treasure between the sometimes frayed covers. He was only eighteen, but already he knew what he wanted to do with his life, go to college, major in library science, and become a curator for some large research library. He wasn't interested in checking books in and out, or sending out past due notices to tardy borrowers, no, he wanted to get into old manuscripts, first editions, and rare writings from days gone by. For now, though, just being able to work at something he truly loved was enough for him. He glanced at his watch, and said to himself, "Five minutes to closing, I better get hustling, it's gonna take at least an hour to get all these put away!" Working at a quick pace, Ryan was almost finished restacking, when it happened, standing on the short step stool needed to reach the upper shelf, his foot slipped and he came tumbling to the floor, landing with a loud thud!!! The force with which he had hit the floor had been noisy enough that the head librarian, Miss Vance had heard it and brought her running. When she got to him, what she found was and unconscious Ryan, with blood trickling down his forehead.

Miss Vance practically ran to the rest room and wet a towel with cold water and rushed back to Ryan. When she got there he was trying to shake out the cob webs, but his head was pounding, and he was still too shaky to stand up. Miss Vance gently dabbed the blood from his brow and asked, "What in the world happened Ryan, you just must be more careful!?!" Ryan tried to stand up, but slipped back to the floor, only to be caught in Miss Vance's arms. "Don't try to get up yet," she ordered in her usual stern voice, "just lie back and relax for a few minutes!" Miss Vance was a very strict and formal woman, about fifty Ryan guessed, with a manor that bespoke respect and decorum. No matter the weather or time of year, she always wore a white blouse, a medium length skirt, and a ladies blazer or jacket, usually gray or dark blue, while sometimes to add a little color she would wear a gay scarf around her neck. With her black hair pulled back in a severe bun, and her erudite personality, it wasn't easy to carry on a conversation with her, let alone have any type of interpersonal relationship, but right now he was as close to Miss Vance as he ever had been, and in his hazy mental state due to his fall he wasn't exactly sure what was happening. Although she wore unrevealing clothing and acted cool and aloof to her employees, Harriett Vance couldn't disguise the fullness of her body which was dominated by a large full chest that she tried to keep hidden from view! On more than one occasion Ryan had caught himself staring at the twin mountains that were stuffed inside the heavy wool blazer, only to look away quickly when he realized she had detected his voyeuristic game. Now lying in her arms, shaken from the fall, and with her boobs just inches from his face, Ryan reached out and caressed the bulging softness beneath the thick coat!!! If he had been even slightly in control of his faculties, he never would have chanced it, but the lure of the massive chest was too much for him to bear. Now, the really strange thing about all of this was Harriett Vance's reaction, which in fact was no reaction at all! She could tell that the young lad was totally out of it, and well, the touch of his hand on her chest did indeed feel wonderful, so what would be the harm in letting him have a little fun if he wouldn't remember it anyway, and besides, it had been a very long time since anyone had made her chest feel so good!!! After several minutes of groping, Ryan began to regain his senses, and after making sure he was well enough to walk, Miss Vance sent him on home before she finished restacking the books and then went home herself!!!

The next day seemed like any other, people flowing in and out of the library, returning and borrowing books, kids coming in to borrow children's videos, and just the ordinary events that surrounded the day in a large public library. Ryan arrived to work at six o'clock as usual, tonight however, he sported a large bandage covering a gash over his right eye. He filled his cart with returns and set to the task of restocking the shelves until at eight o'clock Miss Vance shooed out the remaining visitors and locked the front door, before then returning to her small office just to the right of the main desk. She was reading a brochure from a book company when she was interrupted by a knock on the door, "Come in, Ryan," she called out, after setting down her reading materials while waiting to see what the boy wanted. Ryan came into the office and seemed to hesitate, as if he was very nervous. "Yes," she intoned? "Well ma'am, about last night, I mean, well, you know what I mean," he stammered! "No," she replied, "I don't know what you mean!" "Well," he continued, "when I was on the floor, you let me, you know....." "Let you what," she said sternly!?! "Touch you, feel your, you know what I mean," he replied, and then taking the absolute chance of his life, walked around the desk and reached out and felt he big boobs for the second straight night! Unsure if she would scream or just slap him, Ryan continued rubbing her chest, hoping that she wouldn't cause a scene, but what happened next was a wet dream come to life, and instead of stopping him, Miss Vance leaned back in her chair and slowly began unbuttoning her jacket! When it fell open, her low cut bra was plainly visible through the thin silk blouse! Up until now she hadn't uttered a word, but now she whispered hoarsely, "Open my blouse and feel them through my bra!!!" With trembling hands Ryan tried in vain to undo the small pearl buttons, until finally having to let Harriett Vance to it for him. When she pulled her blouse away, Ryan made an audible gasp, and gingerly touched the incredible mammarys through the lacy brassiere. The softness and sponginess were like nothing he had ever felt before!!! The girls he had gone out with barely had boobs, let alone something as breath taking as Miss Vance's, and as if on automatic pilot, he leaned over and began kissing the pink nipples through the transparent fabric, causing them to harden and shrivel up. Right then he knew he had her, because even though her tits were much bigger than the girls in his own class, he knew from personal experience that once you get to the point of making their nipples hard, you could do pretty much what you wanted to them because they were so turned on!