"Awwww mom, do I hafta," cried Judy Kilmer!?! "Now be quiet and sit still," her mother admonished her, "we'll be there in a few minutes!!!" Judy turned her head and looked sullenly out the passenger door window, dreading her first visit to her mother's lingerie shop. "Jesus," she thought to herself, "I'm only eighteen years old, what the fuck do I need custom made lingerie for anyway???" "Oh well," she thought resignedly, "I might as well just get it over with, 'cuz there is really nothing I can do about it anyway." Lingerie Erotica was a small store in a residential area just off main street, a neon sign in the front window brought attention to an otherwise dreary front facade. Judy and her mother entered the store and were immediately greeted by the owner, Geri Archer who said, "Hello Kathy, and this must be Judy!" She reached out and graciously shook Judy's hand, while all the time looking her straight in the eye. Geri was an attractive middle aged woman of about fifty Judy guessed, with blonde tinted hair, and a large prominent bust. "As we talked about on the phone," Kathy said to Geri, "I think Judy is old enough now to start her fine lingerie collection, she has a woman's body, and I feel that some pretty under things would make her feel more feminine, don't you agree?" "I couldn't agree with you more," intoned Geri enthusiastically, "some pretty bras and panties can do wonders for you psyche!!!"

"Okay Judy," ordered Geri, "let's get these clothes off so we can measure you." Judy, turning a bright shade of red, turned her back to the two older woman and slowly slipped out of her clothing, while Geri stood patiently waiting with a cloth tape measure while the young girl stripped. The two woman commented on what a beautiful body Judy had, Geri being especially impressed with her large breasts. "All the woman in our family have big boobs," Kathy offered, "and also very hairy pubic areas," which was very evident when Judy turned to face Geri. "Mmmmm," Geri hummed, looking at Judy's bushy vagina, "we'll have to do something about that!" Putting the tape around Judy's bust, Geri pulled the tape taut and wrote down the measurement and then proceeded to measure her waist and hips. Judy could have been mistaken, but she sensed that Geri was letting her hands roam a little freely over her skin, causing her to shiver just a little. Geri and her mother looked over the numbers that were written on the data sheet and left Judy standing naked in the middle of the room while they were discussing the type of bra that would be best for a bust the size of Judy's. Geri was making the point that she felt Judy needed under wire support for such a large chest, and just to illustrate the point, she went around behind Judy and cupped her breasts in her hands, immediately causing her nipples to stand out like little erections while making her again turn bright red! Geri then asked, "Judy, are your nipples hard like this a lot," as she pinched them gently. Before Judy could answer, her mother jumped in and said, "Lord yes, her nipples are always showing through her blouses, it's very attractive!" "I agree," replied Geri, "we must have a bra that is thin enough to show her nipples off, they are one of her best features," while she continued tweaking Judy's nipples, making her knees go weak, and her vagina begin to dampen.