Rex waited in the examining room nervously waiting for Dr. Jenkins to arrive. He hated doctors and felt uncomfortable even though this was just a routine sports physical for school. The appointment was for 2:00pm and here it was almost 3:00, making him wait seemed like cruel and unusual punishment! Just then the door flew open and Doctor Jenkins' nurse, Miss Boyd came flying through the door and told Rex the Doctor was on his way. Within two minutes Dr.Jenkins entered the examining room, sat down on a stool, and began going over the forms Rex had brought with him. After reviewing his past medical history, the Doctor got down to the business of the physical part of the exam and had Rex remove his shirt and pants and instructed him to sit up on the examining table.

After checking his hearing, eyes, heart, lungs, and skin Dr. Jenkins had Rex stand in front of him and take down his shorts. Being only eighteen, Rex was embarrassed to have to expose himself in front of the Doctor, but what really made him red was having nurse Boyd in the room. She seemed totally oblivious to what was going on, so Rex stood up and dropped his boxers to the floor. Doctor Jenkins rolled over in front of him on his stool and took Rex's testicles in his hand and told his to cough, but it was at this point in the exam when Rex's memory gets a little hazy, for at that moment Dr. Jenkins told Rex he had to check his sexual response, and before he could even ask what that meant, the Doctor leaned over and put Rex's cock in his mouth and started to suck him off!!! Totally stunned, Rex just stood there gaping as Doctor Jenkins sucked him to a full erection. Rex looked over to see what Miss Boyd was doing and was shocked again to see that she had her hand up her dress and was furiously fingering her hot pussy!