"Marie," called Mr. Horton on his secretary's intercom, "please come in here and bring your pad." Marie quickly got to her feet and entered her boss's office, bringing along her dictation pad as he had requested. The chances of her having to do any dictation were slim and none, but it looked good to anyone who happened to see her going into Tom Horton's private office. "Ah Marie," he greeted her with a big smile, "I'm feeling rather edgy this morning, and wondered if you could help me relieve all my tension?!?" Marie just smiled, walked over around behind the large oak desk, and lifted her skirt above her waist, exposing her slim legs encased in silk hose and her bikini panties which were framed by a frilly white garter belt. For the past three years, or as long as she had worked as Mr. Horton's private secretary, they had almost a daily ritual. She would come into his office, expose herself to him, and he would eat her pussy right on the desk in front of him, and today was no exception as at exactly nine o'clock he buzzed her into his office and had the beautiful young woman lift her dress so he could partake of her lovely body. She made more than three times what an executive secretary usually made, and Tommy was really a pretty good fuck for and older man! Her panties now at her ankles, she kicked them off and hopped up on the desk, spreading her legs so as to make her vagina available to his hungry mouth. He leaned his nose close to her opening and took a deep breath, savoring the aroma of her ripe young pussy. Marie kept her pussy neatly trimmed, because left unattended, it became a veritable jungle of black matted pubic hair, and besides, with it trimmed, her clit and puffy lips were much easier for her boss to find with his probing tongue. Her pussy was almost trained to expect a hard orally induced orgasm at least once a day, and if for some reason she missed it, her cunt would twitch for the rest of the day, sometimes driving her into the rest room where she could manually relieve herself. This was definitely a case where daily manipulation of her clitoris with an eager tongue kept her vagina contented and calm.

Kissing the inside of her firm thighs, Mr. Horton slowly worked his way up to her wet pussy, pausing along the way to nip and lick her young flesh. She sighed contentedly, knowing that within moments her pussy would receive the attention it so desperately needed! Her clit was out of it protective hood and eagerly awaiting the arrival of it's daily friend, Tommy's hot tongue, and as it flicked over it, barely touching it, he make her thrust her hips up, hoping to make contact with his wayward tongue. "Mmmmm, baby wants a good sucking does she," he asked, not really expecting an answer to his question. He got his answer when she use her hand to pull his head hard into her gaping slit as he ran his tongue up and down her wet crack, until finally settling down on her hard little nub. "Oh suck me off," she begged, bucking her hips forward, trying desperately to keep that wonderful tongue right where it would do the most good!!! Finally after ten minutes of teasing, he bored in on her little erection, nibbling and sucking it until she spilled all of her juice into his mouth along with a hard crushing orgasm. "God Tommy," she sighed, "you do that so well, I don't know what I would do without it!!!" "We'll have our other session later this afternoon, okay," he asked, while she was slipping her panties back on and straightening her skirt. "Just ring me when you're ready," she replied, "and I'll be right in!" That next session she knew, would involve her orally satisfying him, something that she truly enjoyed, so after sitting back down at her desk, she thought about how lucky she was to have such an understanding boss!

Marie left a twelve to meet her friend Erica for lunch, and after ordering their food,they made small talk while waiting for their salads to arrive. Erica sounded a little depressed, and Marie tried to find out what was bothering her friend. Erica finally broke down and confessed that her love life was a total shambles, and that she hadn't had a man in over a month! She had caught her boyfriend sneaking around with another woman, so she had dropped him like a bad habit! The only problem was that except for that one little problem, he was a pretty decent guy and a terrific fuck, but since then her cunt was constantly on edge, and no amount of masturbation could take the place of a man and his real live pecker! The two women commiserated between each other, until Maire came up with what she thought might be the solution to her problem. She asked Erica to show up at her office at five to three, and not to ask any more questions. She promised, however, that by three thirty, her problem would be a thing of the past! Erica looked at her friend for a long moment, and finally agreed to meet with her. Their food arrived, and they spent the rest of their lunch hour talking girl talk and having a relaxing time together.

At exactly 2:55 Erica strode into Marie's office, with a somewhat questioning look on her face. "Well," she announced, "I'm here, now tell me how you're gonna fix my problem!!!" Before Marie could respond, the buzzer on her intercom rang, and a voice coming from the small speaker said, "Please come in Marie, and bring your pad, please." "Let's go, said Marie, to a bewildered Erica, while taking her friend by the arm and leading her into Tom Horton's inner office. "Mr. Horton," began Marie, "this is the friend I was telling you about, I think we can help her with her problem don't you?" Tommy gave Erica and approving once over, stood up and shook Erica's hand, and said, "I don't see why not, what are friends for anyway, if you can't help them out when they need a hand, right Erica?" Erica dumbly nodded her head in the affirmative, and watched in stunned silence as Marie unbuckled Mr. Horton's pants and let them drop to the floor around his ankles while a moment later his boxer shorts joined his pants, leaving him naked below his waist. Erica couldn't help licking her lips in anticipation as she hungrily eyed the large erection sprouting from Tommy's crotch. Marie took it in her hand and gently jerked it back and forth while commenting, "I think that this is a lovely cock, don't you Erica!?!" Erica nodded her head slowly, not taking her eyes off the one eyed snake for even a second. Marie could see that her friend was in a state of shock, so she led Mr. Horton around the desk, guiding him with his dick, until he was standing directly in front of her friend. Releasing him from her grasp, Marie pushed Erica's hand onto Tommy's hard member and whispered, "For the next half hour it's yours, don't waste any time!!!"