Hillary Bond looked out the window as the 747 went into a slow bank lining itself up with the runway. It was 9:00PM in Tokyo and the lights of the world's largest city shown like a million diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in the clear night sky. This was her first trip to the Far East, and she felt the excitement building as the big jet settled down and taxied over to the terminal. Disembarking the plane, Hillary scanned the hundreds of Asian faces to see if anyone of them recognized her while off to her left she heard a quiet voice question, "Miss Bond?" Hillary nodded and asked, "Mr. Tanaka?" "No, he is waiting for you at your hotel, I am Hoito, Mr. Bond's assistant, I will see you back to the hotel." Hoito took care of picking up Hillary's luggage and overnight bag and helped her into a waiting limousine. It would be about a forty five minute drive to the downtown Tokyo Intercontinental so on the way Hillary and Hoito exchanged polite small talk as the chauffeur deftly moved the big limo through the heavy Tokyo traffic.

As she talked with Hoito, she thought to herself how amazing it was for her to even be here! Only two weeks ago she answered and ad in the New York News about a job overseas for American or Canadian women for entertainment jobs in Japan. She called the number and was given a prescreening interview right over the phone. The girls had to be under twenty six, be at least 5'5" tall, weigh no more than 135 lbs., and be a natural blond. Hillary was all of the above, and set up a face to face interview for the next day in a downtown hotel suite. When she arrived at for the meeting she was met by an American male who called himself a talent scout. He gave Hillary an application to fill out and took a couple of Polaroids of her dressed in everyday business clothes, and after reviewing her application, he got right down to brass tacks. This was no ordinary job she was applying for, it would require her to go to Japan as the guest of a high powered business man, and well, be his companion for at least ten days in Tokyo, and possibly other locales throughout Asia. Her pay for this type of work would $5000.00 per day for every day she stayed with him as his companion. She would be free to leave at anytime and return to the States, but her compensation would cease the moment she left. She would be guaranteed at least one days fee and one night's stay in the hotel. If she found the arrangement unsuitable, she could leave and return home immediately no questions asked!

Hillary had sat dumbfounded when she heard the details of her "employment"! She wanted to know what her "employer" looked like for starters, and Johnny Haller, the talent scout, quickly produced a picture of an attractive Japanese gentleman of about forty five. "This is the man," Johnny said, "he owns his own import-export business and is worth at least one hundred million dollars! He likes American blondes and has the money to get what he wants! I'm only one of four agents who supply him with the girls as he is very specific on the type of girl he wants." After getting the answers to rest of her questions, Hillary decided to give it a try, after all, he was good looking and it was $5000.00 a day!!!

The limo pulled up to the hotel and a porter quickly removed her bags from the trunk and onto the elevator and straight up to the thirty eighth floor while Hoito explained that Mr. Tanaka would join her in about a half and hour, giving her time to freshen up!!! Hillary had never had a hotel room anything quite like this, no, she hadn't even seen one like this!!! It wasn't just a room, it was a whole suite with a separate bedroom, a library, and even a kitchenette! Finding the bathroom, she found it had a huge four person hot tub with whirlpool. So far Mr. Tanaka had exceeded all her expectations, she hoped that he would be as good in person! Just then she heard the bell and knew she was about to find out if this was all to good to be true. After opening the door to her suite, she was met by the man whose picture she had seen in New York. With a slight bow at the waist he introduced himself as Tominga Tanaka. Hillary stepped back into the room and invited him in while intoning, "I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Tanaka!!!" "Please," he replied, "call me Tommy, all my friends do!" They moved over to the couch where Tommy poured two glasses of sake, after which they sat down to chat.