Rachel was bone tired as she lay in the hot bath she had just drawn, her whole body aching from the pounding it had taken at this afternoon's practice. Rachel was a starting forward on a women's professional basketball team out of Chicago, and Coach Jim Danvers had worked them to death after last night's embarrassing home loss to Detroit. He had a right be upset! They really had stunk it up and the three hour practice had been an absolute killer. Tomorrow would be a lot easier, however, since they were only going to have a light shoot around and chalk talk to get ready for the next game against the Liberty Belles. After the shoot around they would get on a bus and head straight to the airport for their direct flight Philly. The season had turned into a grind so the team was looking forward to a free night in the City of Brotherly Love.

The plane took off from O'Hare Field at exactly 1:00pm. and The Big Windy was soon just a speck in the distance as the 737 charter headed east across Lake Michigan towards Pennsylvania. It was only a two hour flight so Rachel decided to catch up on some reading, while most of her teammates either watched the in flight movie or slept. The nice thing about a charter flight was that there was always plenty of room to move around and everyone had plenty of room to stretch out. Before she knew it the stewardess was telling everyone to buckle up and to get ready to land in five minutes. The plane touched down in a perfect landing and taxied up to the terminal while Rachel and her team mates gathered up their things and headed to the door and boarded the team to the bus that was waiting to take them to their hotel downtown. Rachel really liked Philadelphia because there was a lot of historic stuff to see and it had some of the best restaurants in the league! The bus pulled up in front of the hotel and everyone piled out and went inside to check in. It is a little known but true fact that in most women's professional sports the players are often chased by lesbians for overnight trysts, and most of the time they would try to contact the girls at the airport or in the hotels the teams are staying in. Philadelphia was no exception, because after the team had received their room keys, out of nowhere eight or nine women seemed to materialize and mingle with the team members. Some of the women had different women waiting for them in every town they played in, and a few of Rachel's teammates had permanent connections in Philly, and were quickly seen walking off with their out of town friends. Rachel wasn't really paying any attention to any of this and went straight to the elevators.

Standing in front of the elevator bank was a tall thin short haired woman dressed in khaki pants and a light blue faded men's dress shirt. She looked right at Rachel and asked, "You're Rachel Carson aren't you?" Her voice was clear and strong with just a hint of forcefulness. "Yes I am," answered Rachel, "what can I do for you?" "Drop that stuff in your room and have a drink with me," she replied. The way she said it made Rachel feel very vulnerable, and while she didn't really want to be with this strange woman, she felt pressure to comply with her wishes. Before Rachel could answer, the elevator door opened and the lady took Rachel by the arm and led her inside and asked, "What floor?!?" "Room 1801," said Rachel. The woman pushed number eighteen and the elevator door slid shut and began it's ascent. On the way up the lady introduced herself as Fay, and when got to room 1801, Fay took Rachel's key and opened the door. "Nice place," Fay said as both women entered the room. Rachel was very nervous, but felt powerless to do anything about it. "I love blondes," Fay said, as she looked Rachel over from head to toe, making Rachel feel even more self conscious as the stranger looked at her with a critical eye! When Fay reached out and closed the door, Rachel knew that they weren't going out for a drink!