The Contract

    Angela stretched and turned off her alarm. It was 10:00
o'clock pm, time to go to work. Maria was already in the hallway
and hurried to be the first to the bathroom.
    "So what is it tonight?" Angela asked as she watched Maria
peeing. "Little Bow Peep, or the old burglar routine?"
    "Actually it's a new twist on the old burglar routine," Maria
said. She looked down at her pussy and wiped it with toilet
paper, then flushed the toilet. She turned on the shower before
going to the sink and brushing her teeth.
    Angela sat and peed, then came up behind Maria and cupped her
ample breasts in her hands.
    "Hey, not until later," Maria said with toothpaste foaming
around her lovely mouth. "Keep it in your pants, sister."
    "Ok. But I had nothing else to do and they make nice hand
warmers. So explain tonight's scenario."
    "We break into the house, hold the father, mother and
daughter hostage, and make the mother and daughter make love to
us while the husband watches."
    "Uh, sound like fun. How much is he paying us?"
    "Ten thousand, the normal high risk fee."
    "Did he sign all the waivers?" Angela asked in surprise.
    "Every one of them, so the risks won't be too great. If
anybody suffers for this little show it will be him, not us.
Besides, the daughter just turned 18 last week, she's legal."
    "Oh shit, my nipples are hard already," Angela said, pointing
at her nipples.
    "They're always hard you slut," Maria said, stepping into the
    "Hold on, I'll do your back," Angela said, watching the
gentle sway of Maria's absolutely perfect ass as she moved to let
the water hit her body.
    "You are so lucky. It's a good thing I love you so damned
much," Angela said as she stepped into the shower and took the
bar of soap from Maria's hands.

    Trent laid looking at the ceiling. His breath came fast as
he watched his sleeping wife and waited. His thoughts were
centered on his daughter, at the moment, he couldn't wait to see
her make love to another woman, in fact he couldn't wait to see
her naked.
    He and Diane had been married for 19 years, which is why he
jumped at the opportunity to hire Maria and her friend. His
married life was boring and he wanted the chance to try something
new. Besides, his daughter was leaving for college in a week or
so and he wanted to include her in his little play. He had
fantasized about her night after night, now he would see the real
    Maria and her friend were famous in the richer circles, and
yet completely unknown to most people. He had heard about them
at work in his brokerage firm and asked for their number, despite
his embarassment. They were not normal prostitutes, they were
the best in their fields. If their contract called for an Uzie,
they managed to find one. If it called for Sabu and an elephant,
their client could be sure they would show up at the door with
Sabu and an elephant. No matter what they did, it was always
authentic and expensive. As agreed, Maria's check was taped to
the hallway wall just inside of the unlocked front door.
    Trent didn't have to wonder if they would show up, they
always showed up. It was part of their reputation. Trent
couldn't keep his mind off his daughter. He had seen her in a
bathing suit recently and couldn't believe that any woman on
earth could have a chest so naturally big and firm. He knew
there was not one drop of silicone in those breasts, which was
the most amazing part. Loreen was like an amazingly beautiful
cartoon character come to life. She was too well proportioned
and too perfect for real life.
    He almost cried in his impatience. He was tempted to go down
and hurry the girls up, but knew he was forbidden to do so. One
stipulation that Maria had made was that Diane and Loreen had to
believe they had been raped by burglars, otherwise Maria would
tell them the whole truth and ruin Trent forever. He reluctantly
agreed. He was also warned that if his check bounced two large
men would come to his door and break a limb each week until it
cleared. He knew from the talk in the office that it had
happened in the past. He made sure he had more than enough money
to cover their check.
    Some time later his eyes closed and Trent fell asleep. So it
was that he was as surprised as Diane when they opened their eyes
to find two masked people holding automatic weapons in their
faces. Diane started to scream and one person shoved the barrel
of their weapon into her mouth. She gagged and her eye grew
    "Hey just a..." Trent was struck across the mouth with the
butt of a weapon. As the pain exploded in his cheek, he
remembered Maria's warning.
    "Don't interfere no matter what, or we'll hurt you."
    Trent now knew that they had meant it. He realized that his
objection could have alerted Diane to the fact that this was
staged, not real. That could also get him hurt, and imprisoned.
He glared at the person standing over him, trying to endure the
pain in his cheek while his eyes watered.
    The second person put two cucumber slices over
Diane's eyes, then put a piece of duct tape over the cucumbers to
hold them in place. This would save her eyebrows later. The
second girl pretended to do the same to Trent, but dropped the
tape on the floor. In a moment Diane was tied to the bed and
Trent was ordered into the bathroom.
    Trent listened as Loreen, his daughter, was led crying into
the bedroom. He wanted to crack the door and look out, but he
knew better than to disobey Maria. He could hear the sound of
voices but couldn't make out the words. He waited impatiently,
wondering what was being done to his family.

    Maria set up the video camera in the corner of the room on a
night stand. She checked the view finder to make sure the entire
room was in the picture, then hurried back to the bed. Angela
led Loreen into the bedroom. She was led to the end of the bed
where she stood looking down at her now naked and bound mother.
Loreen was frightened, but a little intrigued as well. She
looked around for her father but didn't see him.
    "What have you done to my father," she asked as Maria
stripped off her clothing but left the mask in place.
    "He's fine, he will be allowed out to play shortly," Maria
said as she sat straddling Diane's stomach. They were
practically sitting pussy to pussy, with Maria on top. Loreen
looked at the shapely woman despite herself.
    "What are you doing to us?"
    "Your job is easy," Maria said with a smile. "You are going
to eat your mother's pussy, the same pussy that gave birth to
you, while I set here and talk you through it."
    "No, I can't," Loreen shook her pretty head and looked down
at her mother's black bushed pussy spread lewdly in front of her.
Angela's firm hand stripped off Loreen's blouse almost unnoticed.
Her huge restrained tits drew everyone's attention to her young
    "Oh you will, or we will kill your father. Ben is in there
right now getting a blowjob from him and holding a crossbow to
your father's head," Maria lied. "You either do what you are
told, or he dies. There are no second chances."
    "But I can't," Loreen sobbed. The tears didn't affect Maria,
she had seen too many of them to let them affect her.
    "Ok, Ben, get ready," Maria called to her mythical
accomplice. Diane began struggling against her bonds. Her
muffled shouts could barely be heard through the duct tape.