Wind ruffled the waters of the outdoor swimming pool. The background roar of traffic was ignored by most residents, they didn't hear it any more. Sea gulls glided along over the yellow sandy beaches, turning and heading inland in search of garbage.
 An annoying squeak attracted the attention of one white and gray gull. It watched for a moment, evaluating the food potential of the moving object, then squawked and moved on toward the park.
 Juanita wheeled her squeaky cart down the walkway to room number 16. She pulled the ring of keys out on their retractable cord, knocked, then let herself into the dark, smoke tainted room. She turned, opened the curtains, then cranked open the window.
 Juanita knew who lived in 16, he had been there for 2 weeks. She hadn't spoken to him, but she kept track of his coming and going. He was a good looking fucker, she thought as she made her way inside with cleaning supplies. She paused long enough to make sure he wasn't in the shower. No such luck, the room was empty. She went over to the air conditioner and turned it off. The manager demanded that they turn off the air in any unoccupied room. Thinking about it for a moment, she gave the knob a vicious twist, turning the air conditioner all the way up. To hell with the manager, this guy was a stud. He deserved a cool room when he returned. Summers were hot in Virginia. Oceanview and the nearby beach was especially hot.
 She stopped, looking at the silk sheets on the bed. She knew they must have cost him a fortune. If she wasn't mistaken, he was a Navy officer stationed in Little Creek. He was probably awaiting a house. A lot of single men and families were.
 Juanita made her way to the bed and looked down at the magazine lying there. It was a dirty magazine. She didn't think he would go for that kind of stuff. That guy could have any girl he wanted, including and especially Juanita herself.
 She sank to the bed and opened the magazine. The first set of pictures showed a girl who could have been Juanita herself. Was that why he had it? Huh, wishful thinking she scoffed. She doubted if he had even noticed her, much less found a magazine to copy her. No, he grabbed the first book off the shelf, and Juanita's look-alike just happened to be inside. The dirty book shop was just down the street. She slapped the first few pages aside and stopped at the second series of pictures. They were in black and white. But something, she was not sure what, appealed to her.
 It was a picture of a woman feeding a cock into her pussy. Juanita laid on the bed with here face so close to the magazine that she could smell the ink. It was a good shot, she mused. It was a young girl with a hairless pussy. How would it feel to touch that hairless pussy?
 Juanita felt her pussy starting to juice up. The damned thing always wanted sex. She joked to her girlfriend that it was like that man-eating plant on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. She had to feed it daily, or it would eat her.
 Juanita flipped the page. The pictures were really graphic. She could feel a fire smoldering in her pussy. Her breasts began to itch, demanding attention. She rubbed them absently and gasped at their sensitive response. Juanita suddenly realized that she needed sex in the worst kind of way. If only the officer was there. She wondered how he would look in black and white