Three Women Pound Skins With The Drummer

I've been a drummer in a band for several years and it always amazes me how women will throw themselves at me just because I'm in a band. I'm certainly not the best looking guy around, but I have women fighting for me after every concert. I've had sex with so many women it's ridiculous, mostly run of the mill sex with girls after shows, plenty of blow jobs and stuff like that. But one night in particular sticks out in my mind and I'd like to tell you about it.

We had a gig in Chicago and, afterwards, there was a room full of women just waiting to be picked by my bandmates and me for some late night, one nighter sex. The girls were literally climbing over each other to get to me. I didn't know how I was going to pick one from this very attractive group of girls. One of them was a gorgeous blonde with big tits and I took her by the hand to let her know that she was my choice. She said "if you take me, you have to take my friends too." I asked how many and she said two. She pointed them out and they were two beautiful dark haired girls with dark skin, perhaps sisters but I didn't know for sure. I agreed and thought to myself that it was going to be quite an interesting evening.

As soon as we got in the limo, the girls started fondling me and fondling each other. Watching girl on girl action has always turned me on and my cock readily got hard. The blonde straddled my lap, and started kissing me and shoving her big fat silicone tits in my face. The other girls were making out right next to us. The blonde moved down, unzipped my pants, and took my rock hard cock out. She immediately began hungrily sucking on it and stroking it up and down.

We arrived at the hotel, so I had to shove my swollen cock back into my pants so that we could walk up to my room. I didn't know whether I would get to fuck them all, or if the blonde just intended to fuck me while I watched her friends getting it on.

No sooner were we in the room than the girls all stripped naked. All three had such perfect bodies, I was sure they were all aspiring models or actresses. Now the blonde went over to the bed and spread her legs wide so that I could see her pussy. Then she licked a finger and then started rubbing her clit in a circular motion. Her dark haired friends were both undressing me, one working on my pants and the other on my shirt. Once they got me undressed, one of them started slowly sucking my cock, while the other one pressed her naked body up against my back and reached around to squeeze my nipples. I could feel her tits against my back and her pubic hair rub against my ass. The blonde continued to masturbate for me while the others worked me over.