Sarah tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at the sign. I was desperate to stop, I would have taken a well built teepee. The sign simply said "lodge".
 "It's a lodge," she said quietly.
 I nodded, concentrating on my driving. I didn't like driving in snow, especially on worn tires like I was now. I inched along the snowy road until I saw a light up ahead.
 As we pulled around the circle, we saw the lodge for the first time. It was beautiful. There was a main lodge, possibly a hunting lodge, but more importantly, there were small cabins stretching off into the darkness. They looked cozy.
 "You go on, I'll wait in here," Sarah said uncomfortably.
 "Hon, they won't ask if we are married. Nobody cares." I knew she didn't like to get a room, pretending to be husband and wife. She would rather I get it and she stay invisible. I didn't mind, Sarah was a long time friend, and my favorite girlfriend. Yeah, I had a few. Her only flaw was that she was too... Catholic. Her religion got in the way, sometimes.
 "Hi, can I help you young man?" an old bald guy behind the counter asked. I was distracted by a really hot brunette who was giving me the eye.
 I glanced at her for a moment. She was giving me a smile that was all proposition. I hadn't seen a look like that often, but I knew it when I saw it. She thought I was alone.
 "Alice, get your ass out of here. Go find something to do," the old man said in annoyance. He was obviously her father. Wow.
 "Can I help you?" he asked again.
 "A room or a cabin," I said, watching the girl leave the room. "For two," I added when she was out of sight.
 "Ok, that will be seventy-three dollars and fifty cents," he said, looking for a key. "Check out time is 11:00 o'clock AM, we serve coffee in the lodge all night. The laundry room is in the back of thelodge,iceintheback,cokemachinethereinthelobby... his voice droned on and on as I scribbled on the little card. But my mind was on that sexy brunette. There was something about her, something that made her look so damned sexy. Hey, Sarah was a sweet little country girl, but you have to understand, I have been dating Sarah for almost 2 years. Some strange would taste pretty good right now.
 "What?" I asked, suddenly startled.
 "Your key and towels. We count them when you leave," he warned. The asshole. The cabin was nice. It took a while to warm it up, but the smell of cedar, combined with the cold, fresh air was heavenly.
 Sarah knew something was wrong when I wouldn't look directly at her. She asked, but I said nothing. She started to pout, so I kissed the pouting expression off Sarah's lips, then I helped her strip that slender little body of hers. No matter what I may say, I did appreciate her. And I guess I loved her in my own way. Besides that, she had a killer body that my friends always drooled over.
 I laid her back on the bed. I ran my hands over her perfect body and cupped her breasts in my hands. Perfect breasts, tiny little hard breasts in the shape of twin cones. God how I loved her breasts. I nuzzled and licked her pussy until she began squirming. I ran my hand over her slender legs. She laid them over my shoulders.
 She cried out. The sound of her voice echoed in the sparse room. Suddenly she reached out and pushed me away. I waited while she turned over on her hands and knees and looked back at me.
 "Do me from behind," she whispered.