The Shoplifter

"You like shoplifting?" Ron asked, pushing the girl into his office.
 "Let go of me, you fucking asshole," the girl screamed. "You can't prove a thing."
 "The hell I can't I have tape and I have witnesses."
 "Me and Mary. She will be in when she picks up what you dropped on the way here."
 "I didn't drop anything," she screamed, lunging for the door. Ron slapped her on the back of the head. She went down to the floor, then stumbled to her feet with a hurt look.
 "You can't do that," she cried.
 "Of course I can, you little fucking bitch. You think I have to play by the rules?"
 "I don't. I can do anything I want to you, you broke the law, you little bitch." The door opened, startling them both. The girl's eyes widened when she saw a huge black woman enter the office.
 "I found it," Mary said, holding up a blouse. She was a sturdy black woman who had just turned 25. She was large, but by no means fat. She had more muscles than Ron.
 "Fuck you, I didn't take that," the girl mumbled.
 "What!" Mary turned, looking down at the girl in outrage.
 "The little bitch has a mouth on her," Ron said with a slight smile.
 "She opens it again and I'll bust it for her," Mary said through clenched teeth. The girl started to sneer, then thought better of it. Mary looked mean.
 "What do you want to do with her lily white ass?" Mary asked, looking from the girl to Ron.
 "If we call the cops they will book her and release her."
 "Yeah, she deserves more than that," Mary said with a mean look. "I've seen her in here before."
 "No you haven't," the girl spoke up.
 "Listen, bitch. You call me a liar one more time and I'll cut your tits off. You hear me?"
 "Yeah," the girl said, swallowing.
 "Let's fuck her," Ron said, only half joking.
 "What makes you think I'm interested in girls?" Mary said with a mean look.
 It was common knowledge that Mary was gay, bi at the very least. But he sure as hell wouldn't say that to her face.
 "Nothing. If you don't want a piece, that's fine with me. You can hold her down."
 "I didn't say I didn't want any," Mary said quietly. The girl's eyes bugged out. She looked Mary up and down, taking in her large frame and massive chest. She swallowed quickly suddenly afraid.
 "You want heads or tails?" Ron asked.
 "Hey, guys. You don't have to do this. I've learned my lesson, really I have. I will just pay for the blouse and leave."
 "Sure you have," Ron snorted. "You and a hundred other little bitches come to this mall to steal. Now you've been caught and you give up. Too bad. Now you will really pay for stealing."
 "You can't..." he words were cut off by Mary's slap. The girl was hurt and shocked. She had never been slapped before.
 "Don't try to tell me what I can't do, bitch," Mary said through clenched teeth. "Shut up and do what you are told. If you do, you will walk out of here in an hour on your own two feet. If not, you will go out on a stretcher."
 "Oh please, don't hit me again. It hurts," the girl said with tears in her eyes.
 "Damned right it does. Strip," Mary ordered.
 Sobbing quietly, the girl looked from Mary to Ron, then slowly began stripping. She took her time in the hope that somebody would show up to save her. But nobody did. She removed her top and jeans. Standing in only her underwear, Mary stepped up to the girl, grabbed her behind the head and pulled her close. She sealed her mouth over that of the girl and kissed her soundly. The girl struggled for a moment, then realized that it was futile. Mary was much stronger that she was. She hung helplessly in Mary's grasp, not responding, but not trying to pull away.