The Perfect Teacher Chapter Two

Simon swished to a stop. He looked down the slope at the multi-colored swarms of people rhythmically swishing and swaying, some standing, and a few falling, all the way down the slope to the lodge, miles away. For all the fun and excitement, and all the beauty of the snow-covered slope, his mind was on Melody. He watched a matched set of babes, one blonde and a brunette, slowly angle past, giving him a frank, encouraging glance. One spoke to the other, they were Swedish. He smiled, but shook his head reluctantly. They laughed and speeded on down the hill, waving and calling as they went. If he was any kind of man, he would barrel down the hill after them and beg them to fuck him to death.
 "Fuck this," he said quietly to himself. Here he was in the middle of some of the most beautiful pussy on earth, and his thoughts were centered around an 18 year old high school brat who liked to dress up as Britney Spears. How pathetic, he scoffed at himself. He turned and started down the hill. He swayed slightly from side to side, but basically he headed straight down the hill, ready to call it a day. He wanted to go home. He wanted to fuck Melody and her faithful sidekick, whoever that might be. The very thought of it had his cock embarrassingly hard. He passed the two girls. One noticed the tent at the front of his pants and giggled, speaking to the other in Swedish. They probably thought the hard-on was for them. He wished that it was, he wouldn't be heading home on an absolutely beautiful Saturday night.
 "The little dick teaser," he scoffed at himself. He was acting like such a loser. No, he was acting like a man possessed. The slopes were full of beautiful adult and highly- interesting girls. The rich, super models, stewardesses, and just plain beautiful women, dotted the slopes in the hundreds. But they were not what he wanted. He knew what he wanted and where to find it. It was back home.
 Simon kicked off his skies, clipped them into the temporary holder on his trunk, and changed shoes, while further derating himself. What would she think if he went crawling back after just 24 hours? If she knew how badly he wanted her, she would have him over a barrel. So what should he do? He paused, lost in thought even though his shoes were tied and ready? He cursed silently as he pulled his feet into the car and slammed the door. In a moment the multicolored sports car was heading down the icy, treacherous road at breakneck speeds.
 At 1:37 AM a flashlight glinted in the window of the high school office then disappeared. It briefly flashed on the opposite wall, then again disappeared. It momentarily outlined a dark figure leaning over a file cabinet containing student information, before it went out completely.
 If there had been anyone watching, they would have seen a multicolored Austin Healy sprint out of the teacher's parking lot and disappear, heading north.