The Perfect Teacher

"Sonny, what can you tell me about electrons?"
 "Electrons are the molecules which build an atom."
 "Well, that's a good start. Monday, class, I want you to give me five reasons why life can't exist in the universe without electrons. I also want a list of their basic characteristics, and who first discovered electrons, keeping in mind that I'm referring to the 1905 discovery, not subsequent enumerations. I know it's your favorite, so give me a brief explanation of chapter 12, Matter And Energy And The Electromagnetic Spectrum. And, if you give me a verbatim textbook answer, don't bother turning it in. I don't want to see any more internet downloads turned in as YOUR original work. Somebody put a lot of work into rehashing old explanations that worked just fine a hundred years ago and needed no elaboration. So give them credit where it's due, it's all they will get for their efforts."
 A series of groans filled the classroom.
 Simon Adams closed his books, ordered his notes, and put them all into his briefcase. He was in a hurry, he had a weekend in Aspen planned. For the first time in a long time, he was going solo. He was tired of bringing a date to Aspen, only to find the she really didn't like skiing; she was having her period, her tooth ached, or any one of a dozen other excuses for staying in the hotel room and fucking, rather than going skiing. Hell, if he wanted to fuck, he could grab a girl from class.
 Simon looked up and flinched guiltily. Melody was still sitting in her seat, watching him closely. So what did she want? She had a very strange and expectant look on her face. Had he forgotten something? If so what, he wondered as he looked her over? He suddenly saw something wrong, very wrong. Melody was wearing a short plaid skirt. He had noticed this earlier in the day, of course, Melody had a killer body that demanded notice. She was following the new Britney Speers fad of a plaid skirt, white blouse, and pig tails. Anybody would take notice of Melody in such an outfit. What he hadn't seen earlier, was the fact that she was wearing no panties.
 He felt his cock hardening in his pants as he surveyed the sweet little slut. Her legs were open, a clear invitation. She had a cute pussy, if you could call a pussy cute. A pussy was a lot like a newborn child, everyone looked at the ugly red, sniveled-up baby on the bed and said, "wow, how cute," even though it looked like a used tampax with eyes.
 "Hi, Melody," he said carefully.
 "Hi Mister Adams," she said in a sweet, girlish voice designed to go along with her outfit.
 "Is there something that I can do for you, Melody?"
 "I can think of a lot of things, Mister Adams, but I wanted to talk about my grade. I'm failing your class."
 "Your work is substandard, even for this lazy bunch of students. You rarely show up, and you seldom pay attention when you do show up. You talk constantly, completely disregarding anything I have to say. Do you think that could have anything to do with it?"
 "Sure, but can we... negotiate?" she asked with a shy smile. Her left leg bounced open and closed slowly, drawing attention to her soft thighs and slightly-mounded young womanhood.
 "No," he said with a voice of doom. "If you want to make out, you are looking at the wrong person. If you want to have sex, I might be interested. But if we do, I can't promise a better grade. The two are not synonymous."
 "Ouh, you're tough. I got a B in Math."
 "Are you planning on fucking your way through school, Melody?" he asked, being brutally frank.
 "Yes sir," she said with a sly smile.
 "Well at least you're honest. But, right now I am off for a fun-filled weekend in Aspen. I should be going now."
 "Do you have a date?"
 "No, that's why my weekend will be fun-filled. I'm going solo. Have you ever seen the girls at Aspen, Melody?"
 "Most are hot, most are stinking rich, and most can fuck your eyes out without even trying. Can you compete with that?"
 "I don't know, I'll try," she said, getting to her feet.
 Simon felt a cold knot fill the pit of his stomach. He was treading on thin ice. If Melody tried to use this against him, it would be his word against hers. But she may have some devious plan in mind. If he took her up on the offer, he must cover all the bases. She was hot enough to be barely worth the danger. In fact she did look a lot like Britney Speers in that outfit. A very lot.
 "I bet I can make you forget all about your trip," she said, sliding up on the unused corner of his desk.
 "I bet you can't."
 "If I do, will you bring my grade up one mark?"
 "No, Melody, I won't. I told you, if I raise your grade, it will have nothing to do with sex.
 "I'm not talking about sex, I'm talking about a bet."
 "Really? What is your portion of the wager?"
 "A blowjob?" she asked hopefully. She had her leg bent. Her skirt slid down her leg showing a magnificent ass cheek and the puckered lips of her pussy.