"Oh, I'm glad you stopped painting. This plastic is much better than paint," Heather said as she draped the black plastic over Melanie's white metal headboard. "Is everybody in the complex making a funhouse?"
 "Yeah, as far as I know. They voted on it during the last homeowner's meeting. It's going to be like one big continuous funhouse. Plastic is great, I can tear it down when Halloween is over. I'm not sleeping in a black bedroom," Melanie said as she stapled the plastic to the freshly painted wall. "There, how's that?"
 "What about the partition?" Heather pointed at the frosted glass windows.
 "Nobody touches my authentic counterfeit Japanese partition."
 "Ugh, aren't we bitchy today. Period?"
 "No, dam it, I'm not having my period. Why does everybody keep asking me that?"
 "I have no idea," Heather said sarcastically. "Mel, my clothes are covered with paint. Got anything I can wear?"
 "Strip and I'll find out," she said, tossing the stapler into a corner. "If I can find the dresser," she said, pulling on plastic."
 Heather pulled off her white blouse, stepped out of her plaid schoolgirl outfit and her panties, since the paint had bled through onto them. She was used to being naked around Melanie, they shared clothes, tried on bathing suits togther, and slept over on a constant basis. It seemed that they were nude half the time.
 Melanie crowed triumphantly, turned and stopped with a pile of clothing in her hand. She laughed at Heather.
 "What?" Heather asked, looking down at herself.
 "You look so damned sexy wearing nothing but those red boots, but you have paint all over your body."
 "I do?"
 "Yes, but I have paint remover. Don't move," she said, disappearing. Heather waited, beginning to grow impatient. Finally Melanie reappeared naked, clopping loudly in her own black boots, and holding a can and a rag. "I'll do the honors," she smiled. She wet the rag and began dabbing at the spots of paint. Heather shivered beneath her touch, very aware of the nearness of Melanie's face.
 "I like your sexy boots," Heather laughed.