The Entrepreneur

A young man ran between two hotel wings, sprinted around a corner and hurried from shadow to shadow with a large cardboard box in his hands. Stopping and checking his surroundings, his attention was captured by a man and woman making love in the room where he'd stopped. He crept close and looked into an open area of the window. The man was huge, frightening. He held the feet of a teenager, while pumping his huge cock into her ass. She twisted and cried beneath him.
 The young man licked his lips, looked around at the nearly empty hotel, then sprinted to a lighted set of stairs at the far end of the hotel. The stairs were metal with concrete treads filing the metal i-beams.
 Lights outlined the hotel as a car turned into the parking lot and made it's way to the hotel's front office.
 Sean Curtis jerked back into the shadows beneath the stairs and waited until the car was out of sight. He took a deep breath, then continued experimenting with the camera in different areas. The stairs had built-in lights, to light metal rungs at night. He found that the camera could be placed between two of them, to give him a lighted view beneath any dress. The rungs were narrow enough that he could aim the camera up the stairs.
 He looked around nervously, then took a rechargeable drill from the cardboard box. He glanced around one more time, then held the drill against the metal stairs and began drilling. He held his breath at the racket he created, then gave a sigh of relief when the drill punched through the heavy metal. In another minute he had a second hole drilled. He licked his lips and dropped the drill into the box.
 Taking a rag out of the box he dusted the metal fragments away. He took a metal strap and bolt out of the box, slid the bolt through the strap, and threaded it into the hole. He drew out a video camera, slid it into the metal band, and tightened it into place. Next he took an outlandish contraption and positioned it against the on/off switch on the camera. He tightened that down with a second steal band. Looking happily at his handiwork, he checked the camera's alignment once more, then tossed his tools into the box. With a last glance around, he hurried into the woods and followed a creek bed to his house, directly across a wooden security fence. He stowed the box in the garage, went inside, and hurried up to the second floor. He listened to make sure his mother and sisters were asleep, then ran to his bedroom and looked through the window at the hotel stairs.
 He took a remote control, once used on a long- forgotten toy, and clicked the switch experimentally. If it had the range, he had just switched the camera on and back off. The button-pushing servo should have enough range. He just had to hope that it did, he was too tired to go back and find out.
 Sean pulled the end of the bed over to his window, laid on the bed, and waited. When he saw shadows approaching the stairs, he quickly clicked the remote. A man and woman went up the stairs. As they disappeared he clicked the remote again. If everything was working properly, he had just filmed his first upskirt.