The Elevator

Heather hurried to catch the elevator. A group of people came pouring out, leaving the doors open, the elevator empty. She shoved her foot against the door just as it began to close. She spun gracefully inside, avoiding the doors with her arm full of portfolios. As the doors began to close behind her, a hand came in and stopped them. She frowned in annoyance until she saw Sam's smiling face. He was followed by a buff young man in a nice suit.
 "Hi, Heather," Sam said happily. The second man nodded to her and pressed the 45th button on the console. Heather was flattered that Sam remembered her name. She hadn't seen him since the '99 Christmas Party.
 "Twenty-five for me," she said, steadying the pile of papers in her hands. "Hi, Sam," she said, blushing slightly.
 The second man turned and stared at the beautiful woman at the back of the elevator. She looked like a thin version of Pamela Anderson. She wore a form-fitting suit with a knee length skirt. Her legs were fabulous. Her chest was compact and beautiful. As far as he could tell she was perfect.
 The elevator suddenly stopped and an annoying alarm began sounding. The pile of papers in Heather's arms bent slightly, then fell in a cascade of cardboard and paper. She gasped and slapped a hand down on the pile. Sam reached for the falling papers, bumping into her as she did the same. The other man stomped on the flying papers before they could slide under the elevator door and fall to their deaths down the shaft.
 Heather placed the pile of papers on the floor and began retrieving those which had fallen. Sam and the other man joined her, very aware of the long, slender legs now facing them from beneath her raised skirt. She was wearing pantyhose. The mound of her pussy was easily discernable in the thin material of her pantyhose. Sam licked his lips and exchanged looks with the other man. Heather glanced up in time to see the look. She frowned and turned red in embarassment. She knew they were looking under her skirt, but it couldn't be helped. Loss of any one of those papers could mean the end of her job. Each one represented a case which had gone before the supreme court. Each one was invaluable for her boss's case.
 "I'm sorry," she said, not sure why she was apologizing. They should be apologizing, not her. But their intense interest in her body had her flustered. It was flattering, in a way. Sam had almost gotten into her panties during the Christmas party. When she sobered up later, she went home alone. She hadn't seen him since. He wasn't her type, he was too crude, too... eager. Of course he had been high at the time.
 "God, you look fantastic," Sam said breathlessly.
 "Th... thanks," she stammered. "Is the elevator stuck?"
 "I guess so," the second man said. "I believe I can shut off the alarm from here," he said, opening the metal door beneath the buttons. He flipped a switch and the alarm became silent.
 "Shouldn't we leave the alarm on so somebody can rescue us?"
 "Oh, no," he assured her, "It's not connected to anything outside of the booth. They will have their own alarms. But we must be patient, they have fifty floors to go, then the repairs to make. I know, I used to work in maintenance here," he said with much assurance.
 "Oh," she nodded.