The Dentist

"Who's next, Sunnie?"
 "A Mrs. Page, she's a new patient," Sunnie Muren said, then glanced at the clock. "She comes in at 2:00 o'clock, doctor."
 "So?" Doctor Jim Hyde said as he tossed his used dental tools into the stainless steal sink. They would be sterilized in the autoclave later. He washed his hands and turned to face his assistant.
 "I leave at noon today, did you forget?"
 "Yes, I did. See if she minds not having a female nurse present. Most don't care one way or the other."
 "They obviously don't know you," Sunnie giggled.
 "True. Give her a call now."
 "Yes, Doctor," Sunnie said, picking up the phone.
 "She doesn't mind. And get this," Sunnie said with a twisted smile, "she wants to be sedated."
 "I don't think that's wise."
 "Normally I'd heartily agree, but I remember her, I talked to her before. She wouldn't even make an appointment until I told her you have sedation on hand."
 "Well I'm not exactly a sex maniac, I can get all I need from conscious women."
 "You certainly do. It's a good thing that you take home a doctor's salary, otherwise you couldn't afford them."
 "Hey, I don't pay for it."
 "The hell you don't. I paid the bills for that redhead you dated, Miss Baylor."
 "What bills?"
 "Taxi, dinner at Andre's seven night in a row, a charity dinner at the playhouse for 100 dollars per plate... should I go on."
 "No, I get the picture. But I'm worried about a general sedation, there should be three people present."
 "I'm sorry, but I can't get out of this. School play. I would recommend that your rape the hell out of this patient, then get sued. It would be cheaper than most of your dates."
 "Don't you have somewhere to go?"
 "I'm going. Have fun," Sunnie said, grabbing her purse and pushing through the glass door.
 Dr. Hyde puttered around the office, checked the mail in the cluster of white boxes on the corner, then sat and read a golf magazine. He got up in disgust and began putting his dental instruments in the metal tray used in the autoclave. He twisted lever and turned on the machine. He turned and looked at his offices. He had three treatment rooms, no waiting. He could prep two patients and work on a third.