The Christmas Party

"What are you doing?" Mark yelled over the sound of the music playing in the main office. He liked Cindy and usually kept an eye on her.
    Cindy loved to wear short skirts, and he loved to watch her in them. She had a killer set of legs, and a perfect ass just made for licking.
    When he saw Cindy enter the copy room with a glass of wine, and a peculiar expression on her face, he followed. She was sitting on the copy machine. Her short, checkered skirt showed an ample portion of her firm, meaty thighs. Mark moved closer, ogling the expanse of exposed female flesh. She was a hot woman.
    Cindy kicked her feet happily, dropping her high-heeled shoes as she finished her wine. She tossed the glass to Mark and giggled when he tried to catch it. After fumbling for a heart-stopping moment, he held it against his chest, trying not to spill his own drink.
    "Making a copy," she yelled with her eyes closed and a crazy expression on her face. She opened her blue eyes and looked at him with a challenging expression, then reached down for the hem of her skirt. She pulled it up to her waist, while wiggling her butt from side to side. When the dress sat in a ring around her sweet ass, she reached down and yanked her white panties down and kicked them to him with a stocking-encased foot. He caught them and glanced at them in wonder, then slid them inside his suit pocket for closer inspection later. He moved around directly in front of Cindy to get a beaver shot. She smiled at him and pressed the copy button. The bright light of the copy machine outlined her ass and pussy like no other light could. He took a deep, shuddering breath and looked on in wonder. It was very erotic, getting a close-up beaver shot of the most beautiful and hard to get woman in the office. She fucked nobody. And there it was, the coveted pussy of the sweetest girl he had ever know. Her soft thighs and brown hair were very erotic. His manhood throbbed, making an obvious tent in the front of his pants. But Cindy didn't seem to notice.
    Cindy watched the machine photocopy her ass. She reached down and pulled the first copy from the bin, and handed it to Mark.
    "Would you eat that?" she demanded in drunken outrage.
    "Oh hell yes," he gasped, looking at the inflated picture of her ass, and her large-lipped pussy. It was extremely erotic.
    "I have left these pictures at the last five Christmas parties, but nobody could ever identify them. Do you know why?"
    "Because there are over 75 women here?"
    "No, because nobody has seen it before. Know why?"
    "I haven't been fucked in over a year. Nobody here wants to fuck me."
    "Bullshit. Everybody here wants to fuck you, including me. But we know that you won't."
    "I don't know. You haven't dated anybody in the office, or the entire building, for that matter."
    "Nobody asked me but complete assholes. I don't date assholes," she said, looking at the growing pile of pictures. "Maybe I should sign them."
    "No! No, Cindy, don't do that. They will fire you."
    "Yeah, but I could get fucked."
    "I will be happy to fuck you," Mark said with a great deal of restraint.
    "You will? Right here on the machine?"
    "Sure, if that's what you want," he said uncertainly.