Audrey watched the flags flutter in the wind along the plush Coral Bay neighborhood. Sea gulls floated on the stiff breeze, somehow managing to sit stationary in the wind, while looking over Audrey, resting on a rock below.
 "I won't hurt you, you silly bird," she called, shading her eyes from the sun. She kept watch in the morning sun for Charles, the new love of her life. Unfortunately, Charles was still crawling out of a bad marriage. Even now she was up there with him, trying to get her hooks back into him after almost a year of divorce. It obviously irked her to know that Charles had a very good lawyer, and pictures of her doing the nasty with half a football team. She still wanted some of that money, money which rightfully belonged to Audrey, in her opinion.
 "Hey!" Audrey rolled her eyes at the shout behind her. She was not there to jump like a dog each time somebody yelled. What the fuck did he want anyway? It was a public beach.
 "Hey!" he called even louder.
 "Save your fucking hey, for somebody who gives a fuck," Audrey yelled over her shoulder. Upon seeing the man leaning against a rock, she took more notice. He was buff and handsome.
 "Are you Audrey?"
 "Good fucking guess," she said sarcastically.
 "I'm Hank."
 "Of course you are."
 "Hank Smith, Charles Smith's little brother."
 "Oh," Audrey turned and looked directly at him for the first time. "So where is Charles?"
 "Up there watching you through a pair of binoculars. He sent me down to say he couldn't make it. The bitch is up there doing some reconciliation crap with a counselor. He's stuck until this afternoon."
 "If he had some balls, he'd kick her lecherous ass out," Audrey stormed.
 "You're right," he said casually.
 "How about you? Are you interested in a natural Florida brunette?"
 "Sure. Know of one?"
 Audrey untied her top and let it hang open, revealing her gorgeous breasts. Even the sea gull looked startled. She could imagine how startled Charles was. Startled enough to kick the bitch out.
 "Are you sure you're not interested?" she asked as she slid her hand down the front of her pants.