"Hello? Mrs. Cole?" Ben asked as he juggled the phone to light a cigarette.
 "Yes," the sweet voice came over the phone. Ben nearly got a hardon from the sexy voice speaking so close to his ear. As good as the mother was, the daughter was even better. Sweet, young, and innocent. And, thanks to a recent birthday, she was now legal.
 "This is Ben, Ben Stevenson... Yes, that Ben. Is Candy available to sit tonight... just a moment. What? I'm talking to her now!" Ben yelled to the empty house. "Yes dear, I'm about to find out, just a minute!" Ben yelled again, feeling a little stupid as he yelled to absolutely nobody.
 "Mrs. Cole?" he said again.
 "Yes," the patient voice answered.
 "Is Candy available to babysit tonight? We're really in a bind. We can pay her extra," Ben said as he dropped the cigarette in the ashtray.
 "I'm sure she is, let me check. CANDY?" it was her turn to yell. "What time do you want her?" Mrs. Cole finally asked.
 "The sooner the better, I could pick her up if it's a problem."
 "She has her bike. I'll send her right over. Tell Bethany I said hi."
 "Oh I will," Ben said in nervous excitement. "Say hi to Adam for me," Ben said as he hung up. He sat shaking nervously. He puffed his cigarette and stamped it out in agitation. In a moment his hands were lighting a new cigarette without him even realizing it. She would be there in a moment, a babysitter to sit for kids visiting their grandparents with their mother in Arizona. It was a well thought-out scam on Ben's part. Why? To get into Candy's pants, of course. The problem was, how would Candy take it. Would she scream in outrage and run away, or would she go along with it? She had been hitting on him since she was 16. How would she act, now that she was 18?
 "Hello," a young female voice called from the screen door. He took a deep breath and sprang up. There she was, wearing a white sweater, a schoolgirl type of plaid skirt, and black shoes. She was an 18 year old sex goddess.
 He had seen her bend forward in a similar sweater and give him a complete tit shot. She had shown her puffy nipples and the perfect little conned tits which he had seen many times since in his dreams.
 "Come in, Candy," he said with a quick smile.
 "Is Beth ready?"
 "I... ah, I told a small lie, Candy. I hope you don't mind."
 "What?" she asked in dismay.
 "I wanted to talk to you, you know, get to know you a little better. Beth is in Arizona with her parents.
 "But what... why did you..." she trailed off, looking a little hurt and disappointed.
 "Oh, I'll still pay you. In fact, I'll give you a hundred dollars for spending a little time with me. How's that?" he tried his most ingratiating smile.