Sucking And Assfucking At The Video Store

I own a video store and I'm the one who hires and fires people. I'm usually the one who opens and closes the store every day, as well. I had the good fortune to have a gorgeous young college student come in looking for a part time job. She had long auburn hair, wore very little makeup, and had the perkiest tits I had ever seen. I probably would have hired here even if she couldn't read, write or speak.

Her name was Jill and she asked me to give her as many hours as I could, because she really needed the money. I had her working nearly every night and I enjoyed her company more than I can tell you. Not only was she beautiful, but it turned out that she was very intelligent and funny too.

One day, we got a shipment of new porn videos in and they all to be cataloged and labeled, so I asked her if she wanted to work late to get it done after closing. She said yes and within a few hours we were busy getting them out on the shelves. To my amazement, Jill said she had seen several of the videos. "Really?" I said. She then said that her old boyfriend was a porn freak and that he couldn't get it up without first watching porn. This made me think that she was probably pretty experienced sexually, and possibly sexually frustrated since I knew she no longer had a boyfriend. Just thinking about that made my cock start to stiffen. I could see that she noticed.