I am Adam Richard Constantine. I make million dollar deals before breakfast, overthrow foreign dictators by lunch, and give a speech during a three hundred dollar per plate fund raising dinner by evening. I am a confident, feared, and respected man of business. At least I was until I met her.
 I guess I should call it a her, she resembled a woman in every way. She changed me, irrevocably, totally changed me in one night. No, I'm not giving you the old, "I saw three ghosts and changed by Christmas," scenario. This is something different, something ancient and frightening. Most frightening of all, is it could happen to you and you may never know until it's too late. Let me start from the beginning...
 Thunder rumbled in the distance. I sat in my bathrobe watching CNN when the first rumbles started. By the time I reached my patio the thunder was almost continuous. I saw the lightning striking just a few miles off. It looked like an artillery barrage. I was frightened, not knowing what to expect. Was the lightning centered around a tornado, or some horrible storm?
 "Hi," a woman said from behind me. I turned and my spine crawled. I was looking at a being in the shape of a woman, but an inner light in her eyes told me otherwise.
 "What do you want?" I demanded, my eyes going over her nearly naked body. She was wearing nothing but an open coat. God, what a woman... Or something. Whatever she was, she was well-built.
 "You, Adam Richard Constantine. I want you," she pointed at me with an unearthly glow in her eyes.
 "What the fuck?" I said, looking around for more visitors. We were alone.
 "Yes," she hissed with an evil smile on her face.
 "Yes what?" I demanded in a slightly hysterical voice.
 "Yes I want to fuck."
 "Are you the devil?" I asked suddenly.
 "Oh hell, you've seen that damned movie," she said, stomping her foot. That's all I hear lately, "are you the devil?" I hate that movie, and that woman, she's made my life miserable. Well, I don't actually hate her," the woman said, licking her lips with the longest tongue I have ever seen.
 "Are you the devil?" I demanded again.
 "Are you God?" she countered.
 "No, of course not. Don't be ridiculous."
 "Well I'm not the devil, in the same way you are not God. Why do people think that everybody who comes from hell is the devil? I'm just a civil servant," she said, suddenly pouting. "I spread joy and cheer throughout the land. If you must put a label on me, call me a succubus".
 "Succubus? I've heard of that. Aren't you supposed to fuck people to death or something?"
 "No, silly. I fuck people gloriously. If they die as a result, so be it. But you look very healthy," she said, licking her lips with that incredible tongue again. I briefly thought of how that tongue would feel up my ass. She immediately brightened. That bitch could read my mind.
 "Yes, Adam, just imagine it. My tongue stuck up your ass while I milk your cock," she whispered. Suddenly we were in my house. I don't know how I got there, we just appeared.
 She pushed me down on my couch, dropped her coat and climbed up on top of my prone body. She extended her tongue and wiggled it.
 "I want you, Adam. I want only you," she said in a voice that promised riches beyond my comprehension.
 "You'll take my soul," I shuddered and made a half-hearted attempt to push her away.
 "I'll make you a deal," she said coyly. I will fuck you all night long. If you can give me an orgasm, you can keep your soul. If not, I get it for all eternity.
 "Can you have an orgasm?" I asked, fearing a trap.
 "Oh yes," she said in a sexy voice, smiling at the remembrance of some past orgasm. That was good enough for me. Of course I could give her an orgasm, I wall all man. She knew I had agreed without me saying a word.
 "My place or yours?" she asked and we were suddenly surrounded by fire. But it was a cold, impotent type of fire. I felt no warmth, no fumes. It was as if the fire was imaginary. But I didn't have time to study the wonder of the fire, or the fact that she had zapped me there.
 She began licking my chest with that incredible tongue, and that tongue was the only thing on my mind. It was long, moist and firm on my chest. She licked my nipples and I felt them firming up like a woman's. I turned red in embarassment. She smiled at me and backed away.
 "Roll over," she whispered. I had no objections. The thought of that incredible tongue probing my ass was an obsession now. I rolled over on my knees, with my face resting on her bed of fire. I closed my eyes to keep my fear at bay. The first thing I felt was her hand on my cock. She began milking me as she positioned herself. She was sitting behind me with an arm between my legs milking my cock. By looking over my shoulder, I could barely see her face, and the long tongue extending from her mouth. She moved closer and I felt it.
 "Oh my God," I whimpered at first contact. She hissed at me then touched my ass with her tongue again. I waited, crying lightly with each breath. Anticipating the most wonderful feeling my body had ever experienced. Then it happened. The pointed tip of her tongue began to press inward and my ass slowly opened to allow her inside. I cried out and shivered. The tongue kept sliding inside me until I was sure it was at least a foot long. It could have been less. As it became fully inserted I felt her nose in the crack of my ass. Then the tongue began to flutter, while she milked my cock in a firm, warm hand. In 45 seconds I felt a building orgasm. The fire boiled in my loins with unbelievable force. And the delightful fire in my ass seemed to blend with it. I began shaking uncontrollably, like a stupid little virgin. Without warning my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt her hand milking the cum from my cock. It was spurting downward, into the fire. I imagined that I could smell it burning. But perhaps not. The tongue continued to flutter inside my ass. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced and I didn't want it to end. I could feel the tongue well up inside me. It seemed to be reaching almost to my stomach. Her warm breath blew on my ass, adding to the thrill. Her soft hand felt heavenly on my cock. I didn't mind being milked like a cow.
 To my horror, it was over.
 She pulled her tongue out of my ass and I cried like a baby. "Roll over on your back," she whispered. Still shaking, I collapsed and finally managed to roll over. To my surprise, my cock was still hard as a rock. That had never happened before.