Stuck In The Closet With Sarah

I flew from California to Chicago to go to a graduation party for my best friend Al who had just graduated from Law School. He had no idea I was coming, it was a total surprise. While he was out getting the liquor and other supplies for the party, I went to his apartment to help his wife get ready, and to plan my surprise entrance.

When I got there, another friend of mine, Sarah, was there helping Al's wife decorate the house. Sarah and I had flirted on several occasions and even had a heavy makeout session once after a college party last year. She looked better than ever, as if she had been really working out alot.

My friend's wife thought she would order pizzas as soon as the party started. I would play the "pizza delivery guy," and my friend would be so surprised when he opened the door and saw me. Well, just as we were working the whole thing out, my friend Al came home because he had forgotten his wallet.

Sarah and I slipped into the pantry just off the kitchen when we heard him coming in the door. We figured he be gone in a second and we could come right out. Wrong. He decided he needed to make some phone calls, because he felt he could get a better price on a keg of beer than what he had been quoted earlier.

So there we were, cramped up in this closet, and we were trying to keep from laughing. I put my arms around her and whispered "how have you been?" and she whispered "I'm better now!" I gave her a kiss, which she was very responsive to, so I took the opportunity to continue kissing her, until we both were hungrily sucking each others tongues. I lifted her shirt up to find she was not wearing a bra. She had small tits, but very nice ones and her nipples were really hard. I twisted each nipple slowly between my fingers as she sucked my lower lip into her mouth, and ran her fingers through my hair.