Sorority Girls Spy On Frat Initiation

It was the season of Fraternity and Sorority initiation. My friend and I were pledges who had been given an order to spy on the pledges of the Frat house next door during their initiation and then report back everything we saw. The leaders of our Sorority had planned this all with the leaders of the Fraternity, so they had it arranged in advance for us to lay down in a loft that was a floor above where everything would take place. It was dark up there, but we had a perfect view of everything.

The evening started out with the pledges having to do stupid stuff like eat really gross things and dress up in women's clothes. Then they all had to strip to their underwear and run around the block. When they got back inside, they were told to pair off into two's. Then they were told to kiss their partner on the lips. Two of the guys simply refused to kiss, got dressed and walked out. The rest good naturedly kissed their partners and acted silly while doing so.

Then the brothers in charge said "ok boys, it's time for a circle jerk, so let's form a circle." I had never heard of that, but my friend let out a little gasp. I whispered to her, "what's a circle jerk?" and she said they were all going to jerk off in front of each other. I had no idea there was going to be anything like this going on, but I sure was glad to have such a good view.

Two more pledges decided they weren't up for the circle jerk, so they got dressed and left. This left 6 guys. None of them wanted to be the first to start. Finally, the brother in charge said "drop your drawers, boys!" and they all stepped out of their underwear. A couple of them looked to be about half hard already, this was definitely shaping up to be an interesting evening. This was not a gay fraternity, and we sure were shocked, but we had a feeling this whole thing had been planned for our benefit.

"Get jerkin'!" the brother said and the guys slowly started to grab their cocks and stroke. They were looking at each other in disbelief, but a few of them really seemed to be enjoying it. Pretty quick those cocks started to rise, with the exception of one poor guy who looked like he was going to vomit or something. He must have wanted to be in that fraternity pretty bad, because he kept trying and eventually he did get semi-hard.