Alicia strolled along the tree-covered avenue enjoying the afternoon heat and sunshine. North Carolina was wonderful in the summer, hot, but not too hot. She was still amazed at all the greenery. There hadn't been much of that in New York City. She knew that Shirley lived next door, even though she had never actually met her. Both her and Shirley were NHRA widows. Their husbands were in the Mopar Mile High Nationals. Alicia was lonely. Maybe she could share her loneliness with Shirley. She sure as hell needed to share it with somebody.
 "Hello there," a voice called from somewhere. She searched the house and lawn. She finally spotted Shirley because of a cloud of smoke being exhaled into the shade on the upper deck. Shirley was sitting on the deck with her back against the tree, smoking a cigarette.
 "Come on up," Shirley called.
 "Alicia, I know," she interrupted. I've known you lived next door since we moved in. I've been too busy to come over. It's good to see you," Shirley said, flicking her cigarette onto the driveway.
 "I'll be glad when the Indie is over," Alicia said, climbing the stairs. Perry should be home for a while.
 "Ray will be gone until the Winston. That's why we moved here," Shirley said, standing. "Come on in."
 "I'd rather sit outside, it's so nice this afternoon," Alicia said, looking up at the breeze blowing through the trees. The house was surrounded by a pine forrest. It was beautiful. Her eyes went to Shirley, absolutely dazzling in her knitted white dress which showed her bra and panties beneath. It was quite an outfit.
 "I know. I just love this deck," Shirley said, taking a seat at one of the tables. She motioned Alicia to a second chair. Alicia turned it and sat cowboy style. Since she was wearing a short skirt her black panties were as visible as Shirley's. Both women checked each other out thoroughly. It was more than a casual glance, and they both liked what they saw.
 "I get so damned lonely," Alicia said. "All my friends are back in New York. I don't know anybody here, and when I go into town they look at me like I'm a tramp. They'd probably die if they knew that Perry and I are swingers," she said confidentially.
 "You sleep with other men?" Shirley was aghast.