My Girlfriend's A Fucking Tease!

My girlfriend is one of those rare women that any guy would die for. She is gorgeous, intelligent, and people think of her as a very moral, very straight-laced person. On the other hand, she can be as raunchy as any other girl I've ever encountered, and she likes to surprise me every now and then. It's always a thrill.

One Sunday after church, we decided to go to a nice restaurant for lunch. We sat across from each other at a small table. While looking at her menu, she leaned across the table and said "I've been thinking about sucking your cock and it is making my pussy SO wet." I say "is that so?" Then she says "if we were at home, I'd suck it till you came, then I'd lick the cum off and suck it some more so you'd be nice and hard for fucking me."

The waitress arrived and took our order, as I sat there with a swelling cock. Luckily, our table was in an area that left my girlfriend with her back to the wall, and me with my back to the nearest other table. As soon as the waitress left, my girlfriend unbuttoned her blouse just enough to hook a finger inside and start rubbing and flicking her nipple. She sat there, looking at me hungrily, as I watched her rubbing that hard nipple. After checking to make sure nobody was coming, she pushed her blouse aside so that I could see her swollen nipple. She left it exposed for a few seconds, then dipped her finger into her ice water and rubbed it around her erect nipple, closing her eyes and biting her lip as she did so.

I had seen that look of arousal on her face so many times before. I was so wishing that we had skipped lunch and gone straight home for some fucking. My cock was so hard, it was aching to be touched, or preferably sucked. She said "I can see how hard your cock is, I sure wish I were sucking it." She is one of those women who truly loves giving head, and loves the taste of cum. She is the first woman I have ever met that has a sex drive to match mine.

The waitress brought our food, but rather than eat, my girlfriend again dipped her finger into the ice water, dropping her hand under the table. She looked at me and said nonchalantly, "no underwear." Then I saw that look on her face again and I knew that she was rubbing her clit. She said "I'm so horny, I wish I had your cock inside me." I said "believe me, so do I!" Then, she told me that she won't be able to wait for us to get home, she is so horny that she has to come NOW.