Am I obsessed? Oh yeah, I am definitely obsessed. I have a new hobby, watching my mother and her boyfriend Fred, have sex. Sick? Yeah I suppose it is. I started like every other son on this earth. I saw mother naked a few times, once in the bathtub, once or twice when I opened the bathroom door and she was on the toilet, and once when I came home and she didn't know it. The next thing I new I was sitting on the couch in the half-darkness and she came waltzing by completely naked. I was shocked. It was quite a sight. I masturbated for over a year using that memory. And that started my obsession. At that moment I became a voyeur.
 The big change came the night that mom and Fred were out late on a date and came home about 2 AM. I got up, hearing a noise. I needed to borrow gas money from mom, as usual. I needed it early the next morning and knew she wouldn't be awake, so I set my mind to wake up when she got home. Only she wasn't alone. There was mom in the entranceway of the house, kissing Fred with her blouse open and fantastic chest gloriously naked. My god, she was beautiful.
 I stood just inside my bedroom door and looked down the hallway. Mom had small, firm breasts, breasts that most 18 year old girls would kill for. I mean they were perfect. She kissed Fred passionately, and Fred kissed her back. As I watched he kissed her ear. Mom moaned so loudly that it would have waken me up if I had been asleep. What the hell were they doing, making out in the hallway? Were they plastered? She had a room just down the hall from me.
 Fred kissed her chin, the side of her neck, then beneath her chin. She really liked that. She moaned like crazy. Then, to my surprise, Fred clamped his lips onto my mother's breast and began sucking.