It was Christmas break and I was the bomb. I was a pre-med student with nothing but money and fame ahead me, a little cash to throw around, and all the time in the world. The Stinson were throwing a Christmas pool party, (it can only happen in California), and I was looking for some tail. California can be a little cool in the winter, but once you get into the heated pool, it's a blast. Chicks were hanging out all over the place, literally. And most of what was hanging out had hard nipples, due to the chill in the air. It was three days before Christmas and I was looking for my present. Then I saw her. She was one fine looking babe, rather naive and innocent, and looking for some fun.
 Well, I had a red Corvette and a cabin in the woods, just a few miles away. But more importantly, I had an angle. It just hit me the day before while I was cruising highway 1.
 "Hey, lady, you are looking real good," I said as I handed her a drink. I knew what she had been drinking, because I sat back and watched her for a while. "Tequila sunrise," I said as she looked the question at me.
 "Thanks," she said uncertainly. Come on, she couldn't be as young and innocent as she looked. The Stinsons would never lead a virgin to the slaughter.
 "I was wondering if you could help me out?" I said casually. I took a sip of my drink and waited.
 "With what?"
 "I want to make a naked video Christmas card for my buds back home. I need a fine looking woman like you in it, to make them jealous. I mean, we are in California," I said, rolling my eyes.
 "And they expect you to be dating an actress by now?" she asked laughing.
 "Or a Goddess," I nodded with my best smile. She broke out in a giggle like I had never heard before. Boy, maybe she really was as naive as she looked. I sure hoped so.
 "Ok," she said. She smiled a challenge at me. I took her home within minutes. "Wow, nice place," she said, looking around. She was still dressed in her wet swimsuit, same as me. We were both chilly. I led her to the bedroom. It was a small cabin and I had the computer set up on the dresser in the bedroom.
 "What I want is to make a naked Christmas card," I said breathlessly. "Look, I have this program," I said, booting up the program. I had worked on it for a while yesterday. It showed our moving picture with the stationary words, "Wish You Were Here!" on the top, and "California 2002" on the bottom.