Long Distance Phone Fuck

I'm a salesman who travels alot and my wife is always afraid I'm going to have an affair. She loves to have phone sex with me, as her way of keeping me from looking somewhere else for sex. Our latest phone sex was extra good and this is how it went:

I called her at about 10:00 pm after flying to a new city and getting checked into my hotel. I called her at home and she said "I thought you'd never call, I've been masturbating for 45 minutes." I say "You have? Tell me about it." She says that she was thinking about how nicely I had given her my big, fat cock the night before, and it got her all wet and horny. She said she especially liked the way that I pulled out and came all over her clit and then put my cock back in and made her cum.

She proceeded to tell me that she had her vibrator out and was using it to tickle her clit and fuck her pussy with. She said she was waiting for me to call so that I could help her finish it off. I certainly had no problem with that. Plus, now I too was thinking about how fantastic our sex was the night before. and how much I had enjoyed pulling my cock out at the last minute and bathing her clit with my hot cum. I could see in the full length mirror that was by the nightstand that my cock was bulging and aching to be brought out.

She said "take your pants off and get your cock out." I said "I'm doing just that."