Rain was whipped from the sky by high winds, slamming into the Earth as if trying to beat it into submission. In the dim hours of evening, Mat Parks pushed his 18 wheeler into the stormy night, only a little concerned about the weather. Mat liked driving in the rain. He liked driving at night.
 Night made the world inside his truck self- contained. With his music, coffee, and a few little white pills, he could push on through the blackness and dream of women he had known long ago, or those he had never known. Sometimes those were the best kind.
 After nearly five years on the road, Mat had seen almost everything. People of all sexes making love, a hundreds skirts riding up, or blouses hanging down. He had picked up women of all ages, the younger the better, and even a few men. Mat liked blowjobs, and he wasn't particular where they came from. Men or women, it was all the same to him. Young, old, and anything in between. A blowjob would be especially good on a rainy night like this. Teen girls often ran away, and teen girls loved to ride in trucks. Once inside, he had ways to get them to do what he wanted. The threat of leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere, usually worked best.
 Lightning struck less than a mile away. Mat "wowed" and shook his head in wonder.
 "Close one," he whispered to himself. Truck drivers often talked to themselves. It kept them awake.
 "No I don't wanna fall in love..." Mat roared at the rain-soaked window. He knew he couldn't sing well, but since he was alone, it didn't matter. It was the song in his head he was really listening too. He took a cd from the case and slipped it into the tray. It wasn't his favorite, but it was noise. He had a tv back in the sleeper, which he often listened too, and sometimes watched in his mirror. But at the rate he traveled, he often grew annoyed at the speed in which he lost a local station, and had to find a new one. Music was best.
 Lightning struck again and Mat whistled. This one was a hundred yards away. It blew out a transformer in a shower of sparks. There was a truckstop up ahead, he hoped the transformer didn't feed electricity to them, he needed fuel.