I Fucked My Roommate's Boyfriend

When I was in college, I shared an apartment with a friend of mine. As the year went on, we had several disagreements over petty things. I asked her to move out, but she simply wouldn't. We began hating each other and just stayed in our bedrooms, ignoring each other. She had a boyfriend who was actually pretty hot, way too hot for her. He would always be really nice to me and flirt with me when they came in. This really pissed her off. I began to cook up a plan to sleep with her boyfriend, thinking she would find out and move out of the apartment. He slept over alot, so I planned on slipping into bed with him after she went off to an early class the next morning.

After she got up and went to class, I could see into the bedroom and he was still sound asleep. I quietly closed the bedroom door, gently slid under the covers, and spooned up behind him. He was totally naked and so was I. He began to stir when he felt my body behind him, and he must have assumed it was her. "Baby, I can feel your nipples on my back," he said. Without saying anything, I moved around a little, just to rub my hard nipples on his back some more. I then reached around and grabbed hold of his cock, which was nearly hard by now. "Ummmm, yeah, do that some more," he said. I started rubbing his cock with firm strokes and he obviously enjoyed it, because his cock became rock hard. "Ooh, you're stroking it so nice, now I want you to suck it," he said.

Just then, he rolled over onto his back and got a look at me. He was kind of groggy and he looked a little confused, but then a big smile came over his face and he said "Now I KNOW I'm dreaming!" I pushed the covers down and set my sights on his cock. I began to lick it while I massaged his balls. I was teasing him with little flicks of my tongue, refusing to put his cock in my mouth, making him wait. "Please suck it, please," he said. First, I took my hand and gave it a few firm strokes over the head, watching his face contort in pleasure. Then, I took the head in my mouth and worked my mouth up and down, twisting as I went. I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, slowly sliding my mouth up and down on it, holding the base of it firmly in my hand as I did so.