Hubby Watched Me Screw The Lawn Guy

My husband and I are both self employed and work from our home. It makes it nice for afternoon sex, because we can work whatever schedule suits us. One thing my husband has always wanted to do is watch me fuck another man. I was always tempted to do this, but never did anything to make to it happen.

One sunny day, while we were working, I began to feel horny and started fantasizing about getting pumped nice and slow with my husband's hard cock. Just as I was going to ask my hubby to take a break and give me his nice big cock, our lawn service guy Tom pulled up in his truck. This guy is in his early twenties and is ruggedly handsome, but with a soft spoken voice and gentle demeaner. He's always been very nice to me, so much so that I wondered if he had a slight crush on me. He looked especially good today, he had a nice tan to go along with that wonderful muscular body. I often checked out his ass while he worked up a sweat in the yard. He also looked like he was packing something nice in front, too.

I asked my husband if he wanted to watch me fuck Tom and he was all over that! I could see his cock got hard right away and he said he would have to fuck me himself afterwards, which was fine with me. I decided to seduce Tom outdoors, since we live on several acres and have complete privacy. This way, my husband could just watch through the sliding glass door.