Health Club Experience

While in college, I developed a bit of a reputation as a ladies man, because I'm good looking and hung like a horse. I always worked out and kept my bod in top shape. The health club I belonged to had lots of gorgeous women in their thirties, many of whom I would have gladly fucked in a minute. During my Junior year, I got my chance with one of them.

One day, while working out, I saw this gorgeous little blonde with a sweet tight ass, and what looked like very nice firm D cup silicone tits. We were sort of eyeing each other while using the machines, and finally she came over to me and said "you're a student at the college right?" I told her I was, and she asked me if I ever did any odd jobs to pick up extra spending money. I said I did and asked what she needed help with. She said she just needed some boxes carried up from her basement and that it wouldn't take more than a few minutes. She said she'd pay me $25. I figured it was a no brainer, so I told her I'd follow her to her house.

When we got there, she showed me the boxes in the basement and told me to bring them up to the garage. She said she was going to shower and she would be out in a few minutes.

I brought the boxes up, probably ten of them. The whole time I was fantasizing about her soaping up that hot body of hers, which was beginning to get me hard and horny, just thinking about it. I came back in the house and there she stood in a tiny little robe that was completely see thru. She spotted the big woody in my shorts and said "what ya' got there?" I was a little embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry, but you're just so beautiful and your body is perfect." She said "look who's talking, I've been dying to fuck you since I first saw you at the gym."