Penny could hear the party long before she arrived at the Bennet house. She recognized the Bennet house by the decoration. When she approached the front door, the walls were thumping from the loud music inside. Girls were screaming from the backyard pool. A guy yelled, followed by a loud splash. Penny smiled, as she pressed the doorbell.
 It was a roaring party. Penny was nearly deaf by the end of the first hour. The combination of alcohol and the noise had her drunk and aching by the end of the second She sat on the couch, nodding, on the brink of sleep despite the pounding thumb of the large speakers. The pound seemed to match the pain in her head. She wanted to go home, she wanted sleep, but she was too drunk to find her way to the bus stop and stay awake long enough to get home. She knew she was in trouble. She needed a safe place to curl up and sleep.
 "What do you think," Brenda asked Linda as they stood several feet from Penny and checked her out thoroughly.
 "She's hot, but I don't think she's bi."
 "As drunk as she is, it won't matter. I guarantee she will be bi when we are through with her. We will make it so fantastic she can't do without," Brenda laughed.
 "It might work," Linda nodded thoughtfully. "Let's get her into the bedroom before she falls asleep."
 They helped Penny into the bedroom, mumbled something about loosening her clothing, and had her sitting in her underwear in no time at all. Penny mumbled incoherent objections, half-heartedly slapped their hands away, but it didn't matter.
 "Penny? How do you feel?" a voice came from far away. She opened her eyes and saw Brenda and Linda sitting on either side of her. She should be worried, there were rumors that they were raging lesbians, but she really didn't care. All she wanted was sleep.
 "Fine," she said, rubbing her nose.
 "We brought you in where it was quieter," Linda said. Penny looked around. She was in a bedroom, sitting on a couch against the wall, opposite of the bed. It was nice and quite, cool too. It was a good place to sleep. Maybe they would rape her while she was asleep. That would be pleasant, she decided. Did that make her a lesbian?
 "Are you girls really lesbians?" Penny demanded.
 "Yes, we are," Linda said, moving closer. Penny suddenly realized that they were all dressed in nothing but bras and panties.
 "Am I a lesbian?" Penny asked in a slurred voice.
 "I don't know. Let's find out," Brenda said, pressing her lips against Penny's. Penny sat immobile, startled at first. In a moment she responded. Brenda's mouth was very soft, softer than any boy she had kissed. They fenced with their tongues for a moment, then Brenda clamped down on her tongue with her teeth and pulled it out. Penny giggled, looking into Brenda's sexy face, just an inch away. Brenda finally let her tongue go. Penny licked her lips and pulled Brenda close for another kiss. Brenda's hand reached out and played with her small, rounded breast. Her fingers tweaked Penny's nipples through the material of her lacey bra, causing them to stand at attention. When she had manipulated them to aching stiffness, she lowered her hand to Penny's inner thigh, pulled the bra low and sealed her lips over Penny's nipple.
 "Oh God, that feels so fucking good," Penny mumbled in a little girl voice.