Bringing Home The Bacon

Jane Marsh selected two packages of bacon and added them to her cart. She pushed around the end of the isle and looked down the bread isle toward the check-out. The line was a mile long. With a little angry swish of her skirt, she added bread to her shopping cart and parked at the end of the line. While she waited, she noticed the cute black-haired kid, which she had seen before, working at the first check-out counter. He was bagging groceries and helping old women with their packages. Jane was 23 years old, that was very old in dog years. She resolved to somehow be in line for the first check-out when the time came. And she was.
 "Next," a middle aged man shouted from counter number three. Jane pushed slightly ahead and faked an ankle injury. She watched as the woman behind her quickly pushed past, then Jane quietly stood and headed for counter number one.
 Jane was a hot woman. Jane knew she was hot, she had been a hot woman since the age of 13. Jane was small, petite, with an absolutely killer figure. Jane was cute, cute as hell. But Jane had an illness which made her ugly. It was called marriage. She was married to a very large guy with a short temper, and most of the country in that area knew him. He had been the high school football hero, and was now the top mechanic at Weber's.
 "Paper or plastic?" Bobby asked.
 "Paper please, Bobby," she said in her sexiest voice. He looked at her in surprise, then shrugged his indifference. This angered her, but not enough to ignore Bobby. Bobby was hot and she like hot guys.
 "Coupons?" the gum chewing overweight woman at the check-out asked, looking from Bobby to Jane.
 "No," Jane said in disgust.
 Jane bent down and tried to pull a huge box of soda from the bottom of the cart. It appeared to be too large. She was aware of how her short, summer skirt slid up her legs, revealing her entire thighs right up to the her stocking tops. Many guys, and two women, also noticed.
 "Oh Bobby?"
 "Yes ma'am," he said, coming around the counter. He saw her dilemma, and her panties, and bent to help. It took him some time to get the box of coke from the cart to the counter. His eyes lingered on her legs, as she slowly stood with a grateful look.
 "Anything else?" he asked insolently.
 "God I wish," Jane said quickly. He returned to his bagging duties with a slight smile.
 "One hundred and sixty-seven dollars," the woman said as the rubber belt stopped moving.
 "My, that's a lot of groceries," Jane said, looking at the cart.
 "Should I help you to your car?" Bobby asked.
 "Yes, would you?"
 "Sure. I'll follow you," he said, grabbing the carts and heading for the door. He paused to allow Jane to pass. She pushed through the doors into the warm summer breeze. She started across the parking lot, with the rattle of shopping carts following her. As she turned toward the sidewalk, the carts stopped. She turned and looked at Bobby.