Suzanne brushed toast crumbs into the waist basket and tossed the dish rag into the sink. The kids were off to school, the house was clean, and it was time for some recreation. But what? The movies in the local theaters sucked, all the men of the world were at work, and there was nothing on TV but talk shows and the fake fucking courtroom crap. If she went shooping again, Stan would kill her.
 Suzanne was a hot little blonde which men often chased to the point of exhaustion. She certainly didn't mind. As a mother of two, the oldest being 7 years old, she liked being chased. With her husband always out to sea, she needed the reassurance that these little diversions gave her. If she was chased, she was sexy. In fact, she would be horrified if she wasn't chased.
 Everyone would agree, Suzanne was cute as hell, with waves of blonde hair, freckles around her nose, green eyes and a perfect figure. Ok, her breasts were not exactly perfect, but they were ok for naturals. They weren't half as good as her neighbor Katie's.
 Suzanne walked to her kitchen window. Speaking of Katie, there she was working in her backyard. Like Suzanne she was a Navy wife. There were a lot of those in Santee, it seemed. Either single or Navy wives, which amounted to the same thing. The difference was that single women had to work, Navy wives laid around the house and got bored.
 Katie was one hot little bitch. She was a dishwater blonde with soft brown eyes. She too had a sprinkling of freckles. She liked to wear almost nothing while working in her garden. Not that it really mattered, nobody could see into her backyard but Suzanne.
 Suzanne walked through the French doors into her own back yard. Katie's yard was separated by a bed of tulips. They were so bright, in the hot California sunlight, that they almost blinded her.
 "You're working hard for a sexy blonde bitch with nothing to do," Suzanne said with a smile.
 "It's better than sitting around the house," she said, wiping her forehead on her arm. "There isn't shit to do in this fucking town."