Tiffany awoke, hearing a muffled sound from downstairs. Her eyes widened in horror. Her breath came faster. She looked around for a weapon, but there was nothing. She turned on the light and looked at the clock.
 "Three o'clock," she whispered, wondering if she should call the police. Looking around for Carol, her new roommate, she gasped in relief when she discovered what the sound was. Carol was gone.
 Carol was a little batty, and maybe a bit sleazy. They were both pre-med at Hollins, and shared a house in Roanoke. Tiffany was second year, and Carol, of course, was first. What drove Tiffany absolutely crazy was the fact that she was undeniably far better looking than Carol, but Carol got all the guys. She fucked while Tiffany sat around the house. She hated that, and yet she admired Carol for her ability to preserver over obstacles, as the saying went.
 Tiffany stood on tiptoes and peeked at the couch. It was actually a futon she had purchased in case a guy wanted to move in. What the hell, they rented the house alone. But no guys had offered in the past 31 months. She didn't buy it so Carol could fuck on it.
 Carefully Tiffany crept down the stairs, fully aware that one of the top steps squeaked. Unfortunately she didn't remember which. She took one more step and stopped, able to see the futon from between the wooden bars.
 So she sat on the stair step and watched. It was better than nothing. They were kissing while the guy fingered Carol. This sent a rush of fire up Tiffany's pussy. How she wished she could join them, or replace Carol. How dare that little tramp fuck this handsome guy, while she went without.
 "I want to suck your dick," Carol whispered. She broke the kiss and slid down the guy's body. He rolled over on his back and she took his hard penis into her mouth. Tiffany suppressed a moan of passion. She too could feel that cock in her mouth. She could feel his hard body beneath her hands, as she watched Carol's hands roam freely.