PROLOGUE from part one: Audra Cornell, a fiftyish matron, has invited Kristin, an eighteen year old, to spend the weekend with her pretending that she's her young daughter!!! Looking much younger than her years, Kristin is treated like a little girl and sexually played with by the older woman!!! Our story takes up with them in bed on Saturday morning after a good night's sleep!!!

"Good morning, dear," Audra cooed while guiding her large nipple into Kristin's mouth, "how did my little one sleep last night!?!" "Oh good, mommy," the young girl sighed, "mmmm, I'm so hungry!!!" "That's a good girl, suck mommy's nipple, mmmmm, you're such a good little girl," Audra said softly while caressing Kristin up and down her body, "do you want to play outside today or just stay inside, honey!?!" "I'd much rather stay indoors and play with you mommy," Kristin said while licking the fat nipple, "but I have to go pee so bad, could you help me go to the potty, mommy!?!" "Of course I will," Audra replied quickly, "come with mommy and she'll help you, dear!!!" Audra took Kristin by the hand and led her into to bathroom where she had her stand in the shower with her legs spread apart, and while gently massaging the young girl's pussy, said softly, "Okay, dear, now go potty for mommy, don't worry if some get's on mommy's hand, she just wants to make sure that her little girl has a nice potty!!!"

Kristin's pussy was spasming slightly as the old woman massaged and fingered her pussy, but with a little bit of concentration she was able to relax her bladder and let a hot stream of golden piss gush from her tiny vaginal opening!!! "Oh, mommy," Kristin sighed, "there it comes, thank you so much!!!" With agility that stunned her, Kristin watched wide eyed as Audra scrambled around, positioning her vagina under the hot stream of pee rocketing out of Kristin's pussy, and with just a little bit of adjustment, she was able to direct the stream directly onto her hot clit, inducing a shuddering orgasm in the old woman's cunt!!!" "Oh, mommy," Kristin squealed, "did that make your clitty feel good!?!" "Oh yes, dear," Audra sighed, "you did a very nice job on mommy's big hard clitty, but now it's time to take another bath, so off with you, into the tub!!!"