"Please come in," Audra Cornell said to the cute young blonde woman, "I'm Audra and you must be Kristin!!!" "Yes, ma'am, "Kristin replied softly while giving the apartment a quick once over, "I'm very happy to meet you!!!" "I don't want to seem pushy," Audra said, "but if you don't mind I'd like to see your driver's license just to verify your age!!!" Kristin reached into her small leather pocket book and produced the required document and handed it over while sizing up the fiftyish woman who she would be spending the weekend with!!! "Very good," Audra replied with a smile, "you're eighteen and a half, just perfect, and you look much so younger, I'm very pleased!!!" "Thank you very much," Kristin replied while replacing her license, "I'm looking forward to our weekend together, too!!!" "How about a soft drink," Audra asked while leading her young visitor into the kitchen, "and then we'll go over the ground rules for your visit, how does that sound!!!" "I'll have a diet cola," Kristin replied quickly, "and that sounds good to me!!!"

The two woman sat down at the ktichen table and sipped their drinks for a moment before Audra began, "Well, Kristin, I have a fixation for very young girls, and while I would never carry out those impulses, I enjoy acting out my fantasies with young women such as yourself who would like to make a little extra money, and who naturally have a very young and fresh appearance!!!'' Kristin simply noded that she understood and waited for Audra to continue, "So, when a girl visits me for the weekend, she allows me to treat her as little girl, and by that I mean bath her, shave her vagina, powder her, keep her naked or in panties, and of course have sexual relations whenever the mood strikes me, is this agreeable to you!?! Kristin had never done anything like this before, and just hearing the old woman talking so frankly about it made her pussy tighten slightly, and her reply came with a slight slurring of speech when she answered, "I sounds like a lot of fun, but no rough stuff or other people, it's just you and me, right!?!" "Of course it is, dear," Audra replied quickly, "you don't think I want to share you with someone else do you!?! Kristin giggled a little as she took the last swig of her drink and replied, "Well then, what are we waiting for!!!"