My name's Allison Wagner, well, it's not really, in fact I've used many names in my career as and agent and courier for the CIA!!! This is the second part of my story on how I recovered the plans for an advanced missile guidance system from the safe of a renegade industrialist named Hans Strecker, before he could sell them to the East Germans!!! I flew to Warsaw and made contact with my control agent, Peter Olinsky, who briefed me on our plan of attack, which turned out to be that I find and meet Strecker in an underground sex club in the industrial section of Warsaw!!! I contacted the subject in the club, but unfortunately for me, I was forced to submit to one of Strecker's brutal whippings with a cat o nine tails that left battered and injured!!! Our story picks up with Strecker helping me get dressed and offering to drive me back to my hotel!!!

"Get in," Hans Strecker said firmly as his limousine slid quietly to curb!!! I was in such pain that my better judgment was momentarily blinded, and without so much as a peep of protest, I found myself alone in the back of the limo with the evil Strecker!!! He casually lit up a foul smelling cigar, and as if to emphasize his superiority, he blew a stream of smoke into my face before pulling me roughly to him and bending me over his knee!!! "I-I want to go to my hotel," I stammered, fearful that he would start beating my already burning bottom!!! "I want to go to my hotel," he mimicked in babyish voice before pulling up my dress and coming down hard on my bottom with his hand, "you American's are all alike, soft and weak, for the life of me I can't figure out how we lost the war!!!" The pain from his spanking was instantaneous and so severe that I nearly passed out amidst the agony, but just before my mind turned to blackness, my pussy was forced open by insistent fingers and seconds later an incredibly huge dildo was slammed into my helpless vagina!!! The melding of pain and pleasure drove me deliriously back and forth between agony to ecstasy, until my pussy convulsed in a series of the most crushing orgasms I had ever experienced!!! Tears ran down my cheeks as the limo sped through the back streets of Warsaw until we pulled into a private drive that led to Hans Strecker's mansion!!!