My name's Allison Wagner, well, it's not really, in fact I've used many names in my career as and agent and courier for the CIA!!! Being a woman in this line of work has it's advantages, and I really do think that the good out weighs the bad, but when things get rough and it's strength against strength, well, let's just say that a man has the edge!!! The one thing we woman have going for us is that no one expects us to be anything other than what we appear to be, whether it be a school teacher, a secretary, a crossing guard, or any of a thousand other professions, our quarry never sees us coming until it's too late!!! My affiliation with the Company began when I was a senior in college at a large mid western university!!! I was recruited right off campus, and two days after graduation I found myself at a secret training base use by several governmental agencies!!! After six months of intensive training, I got my first assignment, carrying classified documents from East Germany to the West!!! It was and easy operation and one of many that I performed over the years for the Company!!! The following is true description of one of those assignments, with the only deviation from the true facts being that the names have been changed to protect the identities of agents currently in the employ of the Company!!!

My control agent was usually Solomon Forbes, and on a nice spring day in Washington DC, I think the cherry blossoms were in bloom, my intercom buzzed and Solly's gruff voice ordered me to his office!!! "Sit down, Wagner," he said without looking up from his paperwork, "when's the last time you were in Poland!?!" "It's been awhile, sir," I replied, "about three years I think!!!" "Well brush up on your Polish," he replied while wiping his glasses, "you're to report to the American Embassy in Warsaw, your contact will be Peter Olinsky, he's one of us, Olinsky will go over the details of the plan when you get there, but I can give you a quick over view of your assignment!!!" After taking a deep breath, Solly Forbes softened his tone and said softly, "You know I can't show any feeling towards my agents, if I did I couldn't send you out on all these dangerous missions, but this one, Wagner, well this one is going to be rough!!!" I'd heard this song and dance before, so I wasn't to worried, but the Solly followed up with his bombshell!!! "Now you know we can't force an agent to get, how shall I put it, intimate with the opposition," he said diplomatically, "but in this case there's a very good chance that your target will not only try to seduce you, he will also try and dominate you!!!"