"Good grief," Sally said to herself while walking self consciously into the weight room, "I feel like everyone in the place is staring at me!!!" Gingerly she made her way over to a stationary bike, and after making the necessary adjustments to the seat and handle bars, so hopped on and began pedaling away!!! Her big breasts jiggled back and forth do to the motion of her legs, and with furtive glances she looked around to see if anyone was watching her!!! After a good ten minutes on the bike, Sally finally began to relax when it became quite apparent that none of the other women were giving her a second look, and while everyone was completely naked, no one seemed to be making a big deal out of it at all, in fact, quite the opposite was true as everyone seemed to be in their own little world whether they be pumping iron or using one of the many exercise machines that dotted the floor of the gym!!! Gradually she began to get in the swing of things and let her mind go into neutral while piling up the miles on her bike, and only when a tall blonde heavily muscled woman tapped her on the shoulder did she realized that she had company!!!

The woman was truly a wonder, at least six feet tall with huge firm boobs and a shaved pussy that was puffed up far bigger that anything Sally had ever seen in her entire life!!! Sally was sure that her mouth was hanging wide open, but the blonde merely stuck out her hand and offered, "Hi, you must be new here, I'm Gayle!!!" Sally had trouble taking her gaze off of Gayle's incredibly inflated vagina, but she finally tore her eyes away and took Gayle's hand and replied, "Nice to meet you, my name's Sally!!!" They shook hands for several moments until Gayle replied, "So how do you like it so far, the gym I mean, it's really state of the art!?!" "Uh, fine," Sally replied, "it's how shall I say it, different!!!" Gayle giggled a little girl's laugh and whispered, "It's great if you like seeing hot pussy, come 'ere, I've got something to show you!!!" Sally offered no resistance when Gayle took her by the arm and led her to the far end of the gym where an incredibly muscular young woman was lying on her back do bench presses with her legs spread wide apart!!!