"Please take me with you," Ruthanne begged her husband, "I won't be in the way, I promise!!!" Jake Gannon kissed his wife gently on the cheek and whispered softly into her ear, "This trip is strictly business, honey, now I'm only going to be gone for a five days, and besides, I'll call you every evening!!!" As the tears began welling up in her eyes, Ruthanne watched her husband of six months driving down the street on his way to the airport for his trip to Mexico City!!! Turning tail and running into the bedroom, she flopped herself down on the bed for a good cry until she was finally over come with blessed sleep!!!

It was hours later that she opened her eyes to a darkened bedroom, and while struggling to get her bearings and ready the clock on the night that stand read 1:30, she mumbled groggily "My gosh, I've been out for eight hours!!!" She half walked and stumbled into the bathroom, and it was only after she turned on the light and looked at herself in the mirror that she remembered that Jake was gone for the next five days!!! "You look like hell," she muttered while stripping of her things to take a shower, "now get a hold of yourself, he's only gonna be gone for five days!!!" After setting the water temperature to medium hot, she climbed in under the stinging jets and stood motionless as they soothed her aching muscles along with her aching heart!!! As the water gushed down over her chest and onto her full breasts, her mind drifted back to the first time that Jake had taken them into his strong hands and gently pinched her nipples!!! It was at that second she knew instinctively that he was the one for her!!! How a man so big a strong could be so gentle with her, caressing and touching her like no man had ever before, it was like a fairy tale dream come true!!! Just thinking of Jake coming up behind her and cupping them in his hands caused her to gasp softly and automatically take them into her own hands and gently knead her now very erect nipples!!! "Oh, Jake," she sighed as one hand slid down over her flat belly to her puffy vagina, "oh, Jake, I love you....................." The power of her orgasm was such that she had to grab onto the water faucet to keep from falling backwards onto the shower stall floor, and after taking several minutes to recuperate, on very wobbly legs Ruthanne managed to dry herself off and return to the bedroom where she soon was curled up with a pillow between her thighs and slipping off into a deep restful sleep dreaming about Jake!!!