"We have a lot of work to do if you're going to finish this project by Friday," Miss Haller said while reviewing Dani's notes, "drop by my apartment this evening around seven, I think with a little concentrated effort we can get most of this organized and ready to be typed!!!" Dani nodded in agreement with her teacher, and after writing down Miss Haller's address, she headed off to her next class!!!

Later that evening Dani scanned the array of doorbells by the front entrance of Miss Haller's building, and after locating her name, she pushed the button and was immediately buzzed in!!! "Did you have any trouble finding the place," her teacher asked after letting her inside of her flat, "I don't believe you've ever been here before have you!?!" "Uh, no I haven't," Dani replied a bit nervously, "but your directions were perfect, I didn't have even a whit of trouble finding your building!!!" "Good," Miss Haller replied, "how about a soft drink before we get started!?!" "Sure, that would be nice," Dani replied, "make it a diet, I'm trying to lose a little weight!!!" Miss Haller returned from the kitchen with a bottle and several glasses of ice and asked, "Why on earth are you trying to lose weight, child, I think your figure is absolutely perfect!?!" "Thank you, Miss Haller," Dani replied red faced, "lately I've put on a few pounds and I just don't want to let it get out of hand, that's all!!!" Dani didn't understand how they got started on this topic, but her teacher pressed on, "How tall are you, dear, about five five!?!" "Uh, yes," Dani replied softly, "that's about right!!!" "And from the looks of you," Miss Haller continued, "I'd guess you weighed in at about one hundred ten pounds, give or take!!!" "Well, that pretty close," Dani answered quickly, "this morning I tipped the scales at one thirteen!!!" Miss Haller nodded her head in agreement, and then, out of the blue she opined, "I have a splendid idea, come into my bedroom, I have some lingerie that I've long since out grown that might just fit you live a glove!!!"