PROLGUE from part one and two: Quincy Davis has been in a ton of trouble ever since her father passed away, and to make a long story short, her mother, Joan Davis, has decided to commit her daughter to the Norhtern States School for Wayward Girls!!! The school adminsitrator, a Harriett Taggert, has taken both Joan and her daughter into a back room where Quincy was tied down on a doctor's examining table where upon Harriett Taggert slipped a minature remote control vibrator inside of her cunt!!! This, however, is only the half of it, because Harriett Taggert then attached a gold clit ring to the poor girls clitoris and much to her dismay, soldered it permanently in place!!! The ring also contained a micro chip that can be activated from another remote that almost instanteously inducing vicious orgasms to its subject!!! Finally, and most importantly, the last device Harriett Taggert forced Quincy to wear was a chastity belt that was locked over the genitals, making sexual fulfillment impossible unless the belt was removed or the vibe or clit ring was activated!!! Our story picks up with Quincy and her new room mate, Allison attending their first period class on Monday morning......................

"Good morning girls," Mz. Dixon said to her class room filled with naked eighteen year old incorriagables, "and how was your weekend, fulfilling I hope, oh, I see we have a someone new here today, would you please stand up and tell us your name!?!" Quincy looked around to make sure that the teacher was speaking about her, and much to her surprise and consternation, her vagina was jolted by the humming of the the little vibe buried deep inside of her cunt, which naturally caused her to moan out loud as waves of pleasure coursed through her crotch!!! "I said stand up and introduce yourself," Mz. Dixon said firmly, "I don't want to have to ask you again!!!" With her legs now shaking from the quick assault on her pussy, Quincy struggled to her feet and after a moments hesitation, gave her name and where she was from!!! "That's better," her teacher added after Quincy had retaken her seat, "but as is usually the case with new students, we kinda have a little initiation we go through, so Quincy, could you please come up to the front of the room and sit in this chair!!!"