Hallie felt all the eyes of every prisoner in cell block C staring at her as she was being led to her cell by one of the guards at the State Prison for Women!!! Catcalls of, "Hey, look at the fresh meat, and can't wait to see you in the shower punk ass bitch!!!," spilled out of the cells from the hardened cons!!! "This is your new home, Gentry," the guard said after stopping in front of cell number C-81, "your cell mate is Donna Price, but everyone just calls her Big Donna!!!" With a wave to a guard in a central control room, the door to her cell slid smoothly open and seconds later Hallie found herself behind bars for the first night of her five year term!!!

Her new "room mate" was snoring rhythmically on the lower bunk, but as Hallie tried climbing into the upper berth, she accidentally bumped Big Donna Price who immediately woke up!!! "Hey, you dumb bitch, can't you see that I was sleeping," Big Donna said in a nasty voice, "I oughta just beat the shit out of you for fucking drills, and I would if I weren't so fucking tired!!!" "I-I'm sorry," Hallie stammered, "I didn't mean to wake you up, it won't happen again!!!" "It won't happen again," Big Donna said while mimicking Hallie's voice, "now that you got me wide awake, let's see what ya look like, bitch!!!" All of a sudden feeling like she was on display, Hallie turned away to avoid making eye contact with the fat convict, but much to her surprise and terror, Big Donna grabbed her by the arm and spun her around hard, forcing her to stand still directly in front of her!!! After giving Hallie a quick once over she said softly, "Not bad, not bad at all, you're lucky ya know, you coulda gotten stuck with any piece of shit this hole has to offer, but you got me instead!!!" Not knowing what to say, Hallie stood there quivering, while still being held firmly in place by the strong hand of Big Donna Price!!!

"I got a question for ya, bitch," Big Donna asked softly, "have you ever sucked a pussy!?!" Hallie's head began to spin when she realized for the first time what she was in for, but she managed to reply softly, "No, never, and I never will!!!" "And I never will," Big Donna mimicked again, "you will, and you'll fucking like it, got it!?!" Hallie tried pulling away from her tormentor, but much to her horror, big Donna easily held her in her tight grasp, and at the same time, the fat bitch pulled down her panties and with a hard pull, forced Hallie to her knees only inches from the most disgusting pussy she had ever seen!!! "Now my little cunt lapper," Donna said in false sweetness, "it's time to pay the piper, and if you know what's good for you, you'll do a good job on my wet pussy!!!" As the acrid aroma of stale urine filled her nostrils, Big Donna Price grabbed Hallie by the back of the neck and jammed her mouth directly into her fat wet hair pie!!! Fighting back tears and vomit, Hallie was now being forced to perform oral sex to the most sadistic piece of crap she had ever met, but there was little if anything she could do about it!!!