PROLOGUE from part one: Brian is the manager of his high school girl's basketball team, with the duties of handing out towels, keeping the water jugs full, and just generally helping out when needed! The star of the team, a beautiful girl named Allison, who came down hard going up for a rebound and badly twisted her ankle, so the coach had him help Allison off the court and apply an ice pack to the hurt ankle in order to keep down the swelling!!! Brian, being quite inexperienced with girls, became quite aroused holding Allison's leg in his lap, and much to his embarrassment coach Givens noticed his predicament and proceeded to have her way with him after all the of the girls and left for home!!! Our story picks up the next day when during his lunch hour, Brian is summoned to Vivian Given's office in the girl's locker room, and that dear readers is where we pick up our story.......................

"Hi, Brian," Mrs. Givens said as he entered the smalluy cubby hole of and office and sat down in front of her desk, "and how are you today!?!" "Uh, pretty good," he replied softly while wondering what she wanted with him now, "I can't stay to long, I've got a class in about twenty minutes or so!!!" "I know," she replied, "but this is very important, okay, Allison, come on in, please!!!" Brian wondered what the heck was happening, when much to his utter surprise, Allison appeared in the office doorway, naked as a jay bird, except that is for the ace bandage wrapped around her sprained ankle!!! "Come on in, dear," Vivian Givens said softly, "and give Brian a look at you pretty young body, isn't she just precious, and what beautiful breasts, so full and yet so firm!!!" Brian actually gulped when he saw her incredible body, and with a great deal of effort he finally croaked, "W-what are you doing here, Allison, and all uh naked, too!?!" "Well," she said in a husky voice, "Mrs. Givens told me that you achieved quite the hard on just from holding my hurt ankle, and she didn't think it was fair for her to have all the fun when it was me that gave it to you in the first place!!!" Brian just sat there dumbfounded while moving his eyes from the naked girl's breasts to her hairy pussy and back again to her breasts, and when Allison asked if he had a hard on right now, all he could do was nod yes and continue staring!!!