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Later that night back at his dorm room, Cade was settling down to do some studying, when all at once the door burst open and in strode his girl friend, who with her eyes blazing asked in a very accusatory voice, "So, where have you been all afternoon, and don't tell me you were at the library, I checked!?!" "Uh, now Krissy, don't jump to any conclusions," he replied quickly, "I was uh, just out, that's all, just out!!!" Oh, Cade," she said softly, "you were out letting those old folks suck your cock again weren't you!?!" "Well, uh, ya see, Kris," he stammered, "it's like this......" "I know, I know," she replied tiredly, "but it just isn't right, and I don't care how much they pay you!!!" "I'm sorry, baby," he said softly while taking her into his arms and kissing her full on the lips, "they pay me five hundred big ones, and I just can't turn it down, and besides, you know it doesn't mean a thing, after all, you're the only one I really care about!!!"